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Guernsey Fire & Rescue Service

The modern Fire & Rescue Service in Guernsey embraces all aspects of fire fighting and fire prevention, as do our colleagues in the UK. Guernsey, however, cannot benefit from any early assistance from a neighbouring Service and therefore has to be self-sufficient.

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The Service has a significant role to play in the area of Fire Safety. If possible it is much better to prevent a fire from occurring and therefore save people from distress and perhaps injury or worse. To this end, the Fire Safety Department seeks to advise about the reasonable safety measures that should be adopted by property owners so as to safeguard people using particular buildings. The Fire Services (Guernsey) Law 1989 adds the force of law to this effort.

Major Fire Risks

The major fire risk in the Island is the town area of St Peter Port. 'Special risks' in other areas include oil depots; power station; prison; airport; harbour and hospitals.

Special Services

In addition to extinguishing fires, the Service attends many other incidents which are classed as Special Services. These include:-

  • Road Traffic Accidents;
  • Assisting property owners after storm damage or flooding;
  • Chemical incidents.


All Service members, both operational and those in the Fire Safety Department, are involved in a continual process of educating members of the public in matters of fire safety. Community Fire Safety is gradually changing the emphasis of a Firefighters role from firefighting (cure) to fire safety (prevention).

Structure of the Service

The Service resources are centred on one Whole-time Station on Guernsey and a Retained Station on Herm.

The Senior Management Team consists of the Chief Fire Officer, Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Head of Operations, Head of Fire Safety, Fire Safety Manager, Operations Manager, Training Manager, and a Station Manager.

There are 56 Whole-time and 10 Retained (part-time) operational staff employed by the Service.

Additionally there is a Control Manager, 5 Control Officers and 2 civilian staff providing support services.

The Head of Fire Safety oversees the Service's Fire Safety Department, which consists of a Fire Safety Manager, a Fire Safety Officer and a Community Fire Safety Officer who work normal office hours.

To provide 24hr emergency cover in Guernsey there are 4 operational shifts (known as 'Watches'), each consisting of 12 Firefighters. Each watch has a Watch Commander in charge, 2 Crew Commanders, and 9 Firefighters. These Watches operate a rotating duty system of 10-hour day shifts and 14-hour night shifts in order to maintain the necessary cover. In addition, off-duty Firefighters carry radio-pagers to provide backup crews when required. The Retained staff in Herm all work and live on the Island and therefore have a rapid initial response to incidents before support crews from Guernsey arrive.

The Control Room was resituated in June 2003 in a new centre adjoining the Station. The staff receive all incoming emergency calls, daily telephone traffic, and callers to the Station. In addition, they receive emergency calls from the other Bailiwick Islands and are responsible for dispatching their Island Fire & Rescue Services accordingly. 

It can be seen that this provides a good career structure for those joining the Service and wishing to progress in the future.

Annual Report

The Guernsey Fire & Rescue Service Annual Report provides information on the work and associated interests of the Service covering operational incidents, training, fire safety and support services.

Guernsey Fire and Rescue Service

Town Arsenal,  St Peter Port,  GY1 1UW,  Guernsey
Tel: 44 1481 724491 Fax: 44 1481 715988

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