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Public Transport

The States of Guernsey Environment Department provides services in the following areas:-

  • Regulation of the taxi industry, which entails setting taxi fares, licensing of taxis and private hire services including ensuring that standards of service are maintained, and all vehicles used as taxis or for private hire are safe and in good condition, Provision and maintenance of taxi ranks and taxi rank telephones.
  • Provision of scheduled bus services, which entails deciding on the routes and frequencies of bus services. Ensuring compliance with vehicle safety standards and monitoring the performance of the bus companies.
  • Promotion of scheduled bus services, including publishing bus time tables and associated information including a map of the Island's bus routes, in conjunction with the operator.
  • Provision of the schools bus services, which entails deciding on appropriate school bus routes and negotiating contracts for the school bus services.
  • Provision of bus shelters, with responsibility for the installation, repair and maintenance of these.

Should you have any queries regarding the regulation and provision of public transport in Guernsey then please contact the Passenger Transport Section on +44 1481 202228.

Enquiries regarding the bus timetable or the operation of bus services should be directed to CT Plus Guernsey Limited on +44 1481 700456. Timetable and bus route information is available from www.buses.gg.

Bus Passenger Figures Updates are available as a download at the bottom of this page

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