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Roadwork Management

Roadworks Ahead

Roadworks are an inevitable consequence of the need to maintain the services that all households and businesses want.  All the Department can do is to ensure these are co-ordinated in such a way as to minimise disruption to road users, and at the same time give the public as much information as possible.

In 2003 the Department introduced a computer system called IRIS (Island Roadworks Information Service) to help with the process of co-ordinating roadworks (please follow the 'IRIS' link to find out more).

As soon as an application for a roadworks project is received (please follow the 'Application Forms' link) they are entered on to the system (or in the case of the utilities and the Public Services Department they are entered directly on to the system) and the Department can see in a mapping format which other roadworks are taking place.  This enables the Department to make an informed decision of whether to permit the works or defer them to a more suitable period when they will not clash with other works.  There is a general roadworks co-ordination policy approved by the Board that forms a base for applications to be determined (please follow the 'Roadworks Policy' link).

Anyone who wishes to undertake a roadworks project should be aware that there are minimum periods of notice that must be given to the Department.  These have been set to take into account the time required for planning, consultation with interested parties and media notification (please follow the 'Periods of Notice' link).

Applicants must also notify all businesses and properties within a closed road for a medium or long-term project.  There is also other notification criteria for emergencies and extensions (please follow the 'Notification to Businesses and Residents' link).

This site also includes essential advice on procedures for emergency roadworks, managing roadworks projects and advice on signing and safety of roadwork projects.

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