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Theory Driving Tests

The Theory Test was introduced for cars and motorcycles in July 2003. It is a legal requirement for licence holders in these categories to successfully pass the theory test before booking and taking a practical test. In 2005 this legislative requirement was extended to also apply to the remaining categories of large goods vehicles and passenger carrying vehicles.

About the Test

The theory test is a computer-based multiple choice exam intended to test the driver's road sense and awareness, including the rules of the road, respect for other road users, vehicle maintenance, safety and security.

Each theory test asks some specific questions relating to the category of vehicle for which you are being examined, as well as questions that apply to all road users.

Test Categories


There are four classes of theory test. The one that you will need to take will depend on the category of provisional licence you hold. Please see the table below for details:

Provisional Licence Theory Test
P,A1 OR AA Motorcycles
B, BE, B1, F L OR GB Motor Cars
C1, C1E, C OR CEC Large Goods Vehicles
D1, D1E D OR DED Passenger Carrying Vehicles

Exemptions from taking the Test

Most candidates who are learning to drive or ride will have to sit a theory test for that category before taking their practical driving test and obtaining a full licence. However, there are some exceptions:


  • Candidates who are upgrading their licence who have already passed a theory test within the same category group and obtained a full licence in that category e.g. category P to A1 or category B to BE (see table above) will not have to take another theory test before taking the practical test.
  • If you hold a full driving licence issued from a different authority outside of Guernsey then it may be valid for exchange for an equivalent Guernsey licence without the need for a theory or practical test to be taken. However, if you cannot exchange your licence then you will need to take and pass a theory test before you can book a practical driving test. You can find more information on whether or not your licence would be exchangeable from our leaflet "Advice and Information for New Guernsey Residents".
  • If you hold a valid foreign theory test certificate.

Test Fees

The fee for a motorcycle or motor car theory test is £35.00.  The fee for a goods or passenger vehicle theory test is £50.00.

Payment must be made at the time of booking

Booking the Test in Guernsey

The quickest way to book your theory test is by using our online booking site www.traffic.gov.gg

If you have an I.D. validated Driving Licence (one issued after 4 April 2011) and have set up your Traffic Online Account, this option will be available by entering your Licence Number and password. If you have not undergone the I.D. check on your Licence you will still be able to book a theory test online by entering your Licence number and your surname as it appears on your Licence.

When booking online payment can be made by credit or debit card.

If you do not have access to an online facility or wish to pay for a test by cheque or postal order, then you will need to visit the Department's offices at Bulwer Avenue (tel: 01481 243400).

Booking the Test in Alderney

You will need to visit the Alderney States Office to book your theory test appointment. Tests can be paid for by debit/credit card, cheque or cash.


Cancellations must be made online at www.traffic.gov.gg  or by contacting the Environment Department at Bulwer Avenue or the States of Alderney at least 7 days in advance of your booked test (excluding the date the candidate cancels on and the date of the test), or the fee will be forfeit.

If you provide more than seven days notice you will be able to book a new appointment without having to pay again.

If you cancel a test for medical reasons supported by a doctor's certificate you will also be able to book a new appointment without having to pay again, regardless of whether you have provided sufficient notice.


All theory tests in Guernsey are taken at the Environment Department's Bulwer Avenue offices and in Alderney at the States of Alderney Offices in the Island Hall.

Test Times


Test Times in Guernsey
A, BMonday to Thursday0800 - 1545

C & D





The test times in Alderney are by arrangement and are held on Mondays and Tuesdays only.

Preparing for the Test

It is important that you study for your theory test. Not only will this help you to pass your test, but it will also help you to become a safe driver.

You must learn your Highway Code in order to pass the theory test. This should be read in conjunction with the local supplement to the Highway Code which is available free from local bookshops when you purchase a copy of the Highway Code or can be downloaded.

There is also a CD-ROM that has been produced by the Driving Test Centres of the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey.

The CD-ROM features multiple choice questions and hazard perception clips which can be purchased so you can practice before taking the theory test.

This CD-ROM includes additional information and explanations, so anyone clicking a wrong answer can discover why it is incorrect and be guided towards the right answer. The new CD-ROM will include specific questions that are relevant to local driving on each Island, as well as on a wide range of subjects, some of which will be related to driving in the UK or abroad. You will be able to choose the Island on which you live - and selecting "Guernsey" will ensure that no questions specific to Jersey or the Isle of Man will appear.

The Guernsey theory test does not currently include the hazard perception part of the test as per the UK and the Isle of Man, only the multiple choice questions, but the Department plans to introduce this at some point in the future.

The CD-ROM can be purchased for £8.00 from the reception desk at the Department's offices at Bulwer Avenue.

The following books are also available from local bookshops to help you prepare or they can be purchased online:

• Know your Traffic Signs
• Driving/Motorcycle riding -  the essential skills
• The Official Theory Test for Car Drivers/Motorcyclists/Drivers of large vehicles
• Official motorcycling CBT, Theory and Practical Test
• Driving goods vehicles/Driving buses and coaches - the official DSA syllabus

In addition, the College of Further Education run a night class to help drivers prepare for their theory test.

How the Test will Work

The test is in a multiple choice format and is run on a touchscreen computer. The system is easy to use and no prior knowledge of computers is required.

At the beginning of each test, there is an option to undertake a short "practice" session. During this period you can learn how to use the system and get used to the sort of questions that are asked. During the test, it is possible to go back and change an answer to an earlier question or complete any that you might have wanted to skip and come back to later.

In order to pass the theory tests for motorcycles or cars, you have 57 minutes to score a minimum of 43 correct answers out of 50 questions asked. In order to pass the theory tests for goods or passenger vehicles, you have 1 hour 55 minutes to score a minimum of 85 correct answers out of 100 questions asked.

Test Results

You will be notified of your result on completion of the test and a letter confirming the result will be given to you before you leave.

Theory Test passes are valid for two years from the date of the theory test. If you have not passed a practical test within this two-year time period, you will be required to retake the theory test.

Special Needs

If you have any special needs that you believe may affect your test, please make this known to the Environment Department before booking the test using the facility in the online booking system or by contacting the department. It is possible that we can make special arrangements for these needs to be accommodated for your test session.

If English is not your first language.

The test is only available in English. However if you find it easier to understand the spoken word you can request the use of an English voiceover to assist you. This is available to any candidate but you should notify the test Invigilator when you arrive. No additional time will be available if you choose to use this option.

Further Information

If you cannot find the answer to your query on these pages then please contact the Environment Department, Traffic & Transport Services, Bulwer Avenue, St Sampsons, Guernsey, GY1 3HY, telephone 01481 243400, fax 01481 241177 or email us at drivingtests@gov.gg.

Traffic and Transport Services Unit

P.O. Box 145,  Bulwer Avenue,  St Sampsons,  Guernsey,  GY1 3HY,  Channel Islands
Tel: 44 1481 243400 Email: traffic@gov.gg

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