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The provision of commercial air transport services (passenger or freight or a combination of both) that are provided between Guernsey and the other Channel Islands or a place in the United Kingdom is licensed by the Commerce and Employment Department.

The relevant law is the Air Transport Licensing (Guernsey) Law, 1995 which can be downloaded below.

Details of applications are published in the Gazette Officielle and the Official Record of the Civil Aviation Authority. Fourteen days are allowed for representations. If there are none, the application will be processed. If representations are received, the Department may arrange a hearing to allow interested parties to state their positions before determining an application.

The Department has to take account of a number of matters when dealing with an application, including a Policy Statement approved by the States of Deliberation in 2004. Conditions may be attached to licence applications that are granted.

Direct flights between Guernsey and Ireland or a place in mainland Europe do not require a licence. However, triangular services that include routing through Alderney, Jersey or the United Kingdom require a licence for sectors covered by the 1995 Law.

A application form for an air transport licence and the 2004 Policy Statement can be downloaded below.

Air Transport Licensing

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