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  • Seasonal restrictions on dogs on beaches lifted from 1 October

    Friday 26 September 2014

    Restrictions apply each year from the 1 May to 30 September inclusive when dogs are not allowed on seven Guernsey beaches; Fermain, Petit Bot, L'Erée, Vazon, Cobo, Port Soif, L'Ancresse/Pembroke. Herm's Shell Beach, Belvoir Bay, Fisherman's Beach, and the area of beach in front of the White House Hotel to the Herm Harbour Jetty are also out of bounds to dogs during this period.

    The voluntary dog ban on the Richmond end of Vazon, which was introduced to protect wading birds, remains in place throughout the year. The Environment Department is working with La Société Guernesiaise and RSPB Guernsey Group to monitor birds in the area and dog owners are asked not to exercise their pets at Richmond, the island's most valuable feeding area for waders. Birds perceive dogs as predators and each time they are put to flight whilst feeding wastes vital energy reserves, essential for birds to successfully rear their young or for onward migration.

    The legislation under which dogs are excluded from beaches is the Control of Dogs Ordinance, 1992. An explanation leaflet on this legislation and the law covering the requirement for dog-owners to clear up after their pets may be obtained from the Environment Department's offices (Tel: 717200).

    Dog walkers/owners are reminded that they are legally obliged to pick up and safely dispose of their dog's waste from beaches, cliff paths and coastal land. Anyone walking dogs must also keep their pets under control on beaches to avoid nuisance to others, particularly children and elderly people.


  • Financial Services Ombudsman: funding consultation

    Friday 26 September 2014

    The Commerce & Employment Department and Economic Development Department in Jersey (the Departments) have today issued a joint consultation to gather views on the funding scheme proposed for the Office of the Financial Services Ombudsman (OFSO).

    The proposal and consultation feedback will then be presented to OFSO for its consideration in prescribing the first fee and levy schemes.

    OFSO is to be funded by the financial services industry through two mechanisms: levies on financial services providers and case fees on providers in respect of complaints against them.  The consultation document sets out the proposed funding scheme and principles, including:

    • who will pay the case-fees and levies;
    • how the case-fees and levies will be calculated and applied;
    • how exemptions would apply;
    • illustrations of potential fees and levies.

    Readers in each jurisdiction should read the consultation document and the relevant island-specific appendix. Views on the proposals and specific responses to the questions posed are welcomed by the closing date of 14 November 2014.

    The document is available via the link on the right.