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  • Latest inflation figures published

    Friday 17 April 2015

    Guernsey's annual inflation, as measured by the RPIX ('core' inflation excluding mortgage interest payments) was 0.8% in March 2015, 1.4 percentage points lower than the year ending in March 2014 and 0.2 percentage points higher than in December 2014. The 'all items' RPI annual inflation was 1.3% in March 2015, 0.1 percentage points higher than the previous quarter and 1.5 percentage points lower than in March 2014.

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  • Update - La Mare De Carteret School Pond

    Thursday 16 April 2015

    Media Enquiry from the Guernsey Press

    Media Enquiry from Damian Wrigley, Guernsey Press:

    Good morning,

    Can the department please outline whether it has installed the fencing around La Mare de Carteret high school pond.

    • Why was this installed?
    • What sort of fencing was chosen and why?
    • What are the benefits of it being fenced off?
    • Will this have to be removed if the school is redeveloped?

    If you could respond by 3.30pm today, I would be grateful.

    Can you also please acknowledge receipt of this email.

    Many thanks,

    Damian Wrigley



    Environment Department Response of 14 April 2015:

    The Environment Department has previously answered these questions and the response follows for ease of reference:

    The Department has no knowledge as to whether future development at La Mare Schools will require the fence to be removed.


    Media Enquiry from Juliet Pouteaux, Guernsey Press:

    I am doing a story about the installation of fencing around the pond at La Mare, as I understand there have been health and safety concerns.

    Can you find out if there has been fencing before and why the issue has been highlighted now as something to deal with?


    Environment Department Response of 23 February 2015:

    The Environment Department is installing the new section of fence in response to concerns expressed by the Education Department for the safety of children given the pond's proximity to the school. This is a result of parental concerns and has not been prompted by an accident or near accident.

    The vegetation, particularly the reed growth around the pond is considered to present a risk as it may give the impression that there is firm ground beyond the banks of the pond which is not the case. It is also considered that the height of the reed growth may hide anyone who falls into the pond thus hampering any rescue.

    After consultation with the Health & Safety Executive it was agreed that chain link fencing should be installed around two sections of the pond. It is anticipated the fencing will be installed in approximately three weeks.