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  • Crown Pier - Extension of Motorcycle Bay

    Friday 24 October 2014

    The Integrated Transport Strategy outlines the importance of motorcycles as an alternative transport choice to cars, as they take up less parking space and use less fuel and for this reason the Department is looking at ways of further encouraging their use.

    One of the ways to do this is by ensuring that there is plenty of motorcycle parking available at convenient locations. There are already a number of motorcycle bays in place in the centre of St Peter Port, but recent surveys have shown that these are already being well used and in some locations are full to capacity.

    For this reason, the Department has removed two 2 hour parking spaces on the Crown Pier to extend the existing motorcycle bay to the east to increase the capacity by eight motorcycles.

    The Department will be investigating other locations where additional motorcycle bays and motorcycle shelters can be installed in due course.

    The location of the existing motorcycle bays in St Peter Port is available on the government website and can be found using the following link.


  • More free kerbside bags for every home in Guernsey

    Monday 20 October 2014

    Islanders will be able to collect recycling bags for free from local supermarkets starting next week.

    Since the introduction of the island-wide scheme in March 2014, items that are now being collected from homes have seen an increase of more than 10% compared to a year ago, when households were reliant on bring banks for these materials.  Overall more than 47% of household waste is now being recycled.

    Every household will now receive a voucher which they can exchange for a new supply of blue and clear kerbside bags at any participating store.  These are:

    • Alliance
    • Channel Islands Co-operative stores
    • Food Halls at Cobo, L'Islet, and St Peter's
    • Forest Stores
    • Iceland
    • Island Shopper
    • Marks and Spencer food stores
    • Waitrose

    The bags are almost identical to the original stock that were delivered to homes in February  Clear bags are provided for mixed paper and cardboard, and blue bags for mixed tins, cans, plastic containers and drinks cartons.

    A minor change has been made to the blue bags, which previously listed cardboard drinks and juice cartons among the items .  This has now been simplified to remove the reference to cardboard, after initial feedback that some islanders had found this confusing.  The list of items that should not be included in each of the bags has also been made clearer.

    The introduction of the kerbside scheme in March 2014 has seen an increase of more than 10% in materials now collected included in the new service.  Overall more than 47% of household waste is now being recycled.

    Recycling officer, Tina Norman-Ross, said: "Originally we supplied everyone with 26 clear bags and 26 blue bags, which would last a year if you use one a week.  What we have found is a lot of people have been running out quicker than that, which is a great sign of how popular the scheme has been.

    "We now expect most households will actually run out before the end of the year.  We want to make it as easy as possible for them to restock, particularly with the bumper Christmas period coming up, and we have also upped the number in each roll to 52."

    "When you need more bags, simply take your voucher to one of the stores listed on the back of the leaflet and you can pick up a new supply.

    "There's no need to rush - we have plenty in stock and the voucher is valid for a year. The bags are free but must only be used for recycling.

    "Islanders have made an excellent effort with the kerbside recycling scheme so far which is a great achievement for Guernsey and one we hope will continue into the New Year."

    Vouchers will be sent to homes during week commencing 27 October and bags will be available for collection from participating stores immediately. They can also still be collected form Parish Offices and Douzaine Rooms.

    Anyone who thinks they have not received a voucher by 1 November, or with any general enquiries about recycling, can contact Public Services kerbside hotline on 234699 or email