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  • School Bus Provision

    Monday 01 September 2014

    The Environment Department would like to advise members of the public that in conjunction with the Education Department, several of the existing school bus routes have had their timings and/or routes adjusted.

    The Department is also pleased to advise the public of the following new services;

    •  An extra bus will be provided for the Forest Primary School both in the morning and afternoon.
    • An extra bus will be provided for the Vale Primary school in the afternoon.
    • St Martin's Primary school will have a school bus service operating both in the morning and afternoon. This will be primarily for those pupils that are moving from St Andrews school.

    Detailed information on the bus routes provided for each school can be found at

    Should you have a query on any aspect regarding the school bus routes, please contact the Passenger Transport Office of the Environment Department.

    Contact Information:

    Passenger Transport Office
    Environment Department
    Tel: 243400


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