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  • Greenhouse gas emissions figures published

    Friday 27 February 2015

    Greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 3.1% in 2013, when they totalled 528.2kt of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent, compared to 544.8kt in 2012. The cumulative percentage change in Guernsey's greenhouse gas emissions between 1990 and 2013 was a decrease of 6.6% (or 37.3kt of CO2 equivalent).

    Click here to access the bulletin.

  • Draft Island Development Plan well received by Ministers

    Wednesday 25 February 2015

    The publication of the Draft Island Development Plan last Monday (16 February) has been well received by States departments and their ministers. The final Island Development Plan will determine how land is used and developed over the next ten years.

    The Chief Minister, Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, said:

    "The Draft Island Development Plan is a significant document for Guernsey and will define how and where development is carried out for the next 10 years.  It is vital that it fulfils the strategic objectives of the States and I am encouraged by the positive response of the Housing and Commerce and Employment Ministers".

    After five years, the Plan will be reviewed for housing and economic land.  Commenting on the role the Island Development Plan will have in delivering future housing, Deputy Dave Jones, the Housing Department Minister, said:

    "Having looked at the housing policies contained within the Plan, I am confident that it will ensure land is available for the delivery of housing over the next 5 years.

    "I am also delighted to see the inclusion of an affordable housing policy.  This will introduce a new way of doing things in Guernsey that will assist in the provision of much needed social housing for people on low incomes".

    The Draft Island Development Plan makes provision for economic growth in the Island including office accommodation, industrial development, storage space, and allows for the development of the digital economy.

    Deputy Kevin Stewart, Commerce and Employment Minister, said:

    "I am really pleased to see the publication of the Draft Island Development Plan that appears to adopt a very positive position regarding economic development.  This will help contribute to our economic growth in the Island.

    "If adopted, the Island Development Plan will give a clear message that Guernsey is 'open for business' and that the States is aligned in seeking to deliver the economic objectives of the States".

    Deputy Le Tocq added:

    "The Policy Council has now received the Draft Island Development Plan from the Environment Department and is now responsible for running the independent planning inquiry.  This Draft Plan is such an important document that I would urge everyone to take time to view it.  We have set up an excellent online system for making comments on the Draft Plan and our Inquiry Administrative Team will be happy to help people engage in the consultation process".

    The online and detailed guidance on how to make representations can be accessed through  It is important for anybody who has an interest in the Draft Island Development Plan to submit their comments during the Initial Representation period which closes at 17:00 on Friday 10 April 2015.  Regardless of whether somebody agrees or disagrees with how the policies in the Draft Island Development Plan, it is equally important that these views and the reasons for them are presented to the Planning Inspectors via the online system or using the approved form


    Further information

    On Monday 16 February 2015, the Environment Department published the draft Island Development Plan.  Once adopted by the States, this draft Plan will replace the Urban and Rural Area Plans as the principal policy document for determining how and where development can take place in Guernsey.

    Before the draft Island Development Plan can be adopted by the States, it must be subject to independent review.  This will be undertaken by two experienced planning inspectors appointed by the Policy Council - Mr. Alan Boyland and Mr. Keith Holland.  Mr. Boyland and Mr. Holland are both semi-retired, having worked for the UK Planning Inspectorate undertaking planning inquiries across England and Wales.  Their appointment has been made under section 7 of the Land Planning and Development (Plans) Ordinance, 2007 and they will carry out the Planning Inquiry independently of the Environment Department, the Policy Council and all States departments and committees.

    The Planning Inquiry will be split into three separate and distinct stages:

    Initial Representations - an opportunity for individuals, groups, companies, societies, agents, etc. to make written comments on the policies in the draft Island Development Plan and the related Environmental Statement. Initial Representations may be made during the eight weeks from Monday 16 February 2015 and 17:00 on Friday 10 April 2015.

    Further Representations - an opportunity for individuals, groups, companies, societies, agents, etc. to make written comments on the representations made during Initial Representations.  Further Representations can be made during a six week period from Monday 11 May 2015 and 17:00 on Friday 26 June 2015.

    Inquiry Hearings - a series of public hearings where the Planning Inspectors will take evidence on the issues raised in the Initial and Further Representations.  The provisional date fixed for the start of the inquiry hearing is Monday 5 October 2015.

    Anybody interested in making comments on the draft policies and proposals set out in the draft Island Development Plan is invited to make Initial Representations between now and 17:00 on Friday 10 April 2015.

    Representations can be made online using the Planning Inquiry's website - - or in writing on the approved form which is available from Sir Charles Frossard House, La Charroterie, St. Peter Port, the various Parochial Constables' Offices and Douzaine Rooms, the Guille-All├Ęs Library, and the Greffe, during normal office hours.  Completed forms should be returned to the Planning Inquiry at Sir Charles Frossard House by 17:00 on Friday 10 April 2015.

    Contact information

    Guidance notes about the Planning Inquiry itself and how to make and view representations using the online consultation document can be found on at  or by emailing or speaking to a member of the Planning Inquiry Administration Team based at Sir Charles Frossard House (e-mail -; telephone - 717284).




  • Keep Guernsey Green Award - The Travel Corporation, Ernst & Young, Ipes and Ravenscroft

    Monday 23 February 2015

    The Environment Department is pleased to announce that four companies have been awarded the Keep Guernsey Green Award.

    Achieving the Keep Guernsey Green Award is a public acknowledgement of the contribution an organisation makes to helping Guernsey maintain a healthy, clean environment by following best practice in waste management, recycling and energy conservation.

    At the end of 2014, The Travel Corporation, Ernst & Young, Ipes and Ravenscroft were assessed by one of the Environment Department's independent assessors, who confirmed that all of the companies have worked exceptionally hard to meet the standards of the scheme.  All four companies have demonstrated their commitment to best practices in waste management, recycling and energy conservation.

    The Travel Corporation signed up to the Keep Guernsey Green Award in 2014 for the first time.  The Assessor was particularly impressed by The Travel Corporation's use of the enterprise social networking site Yammer to share corporate social responsibility information and to involve its staff with 'green' practices.  Michael Paige, Senior Financial Controller of TTC Travel Group and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Team Leader said:

    "TTC Travel Group Limited, the Guernsey based headquarters of The Travel Corporation, has over the last 12 months implemented a full CSR Strategy aimed at minimising our impact on the environment, decreasing waste, increasing recycling and reducing costs.  The Keep Guernsey Green Award has provided a structured approach in which the success of the various initiatives can be assessed.  The KGGA advisor has not only led us through each stage of the process but provided us with practical advice and guidance.  With his knowledge of Guernsey and the local environment this advice has been invaluable in ensuring that efforts and finances have been effectively targeted."

    Ernst & Young, Ipes and Ravenscroft have re-validated their awards after all receiving the original accreditation during 2011.  Re-validation of the Keep Guernsey Green Award is highly commendable as it demonstrates a company's on-going commitment to helping the environment.

    Andrew Dann, Ernst & Young Channel Islands Managing Partner said:

    "The re-accreditation of this award is a great accolade for EY and something we are very proud of.  We encourage our people to work in an environmentally responsible manner and find new ways to reduce our carbon footprint, which has been demonstrated within our Channel Islands offices.  Across our global network we are committed to minimising the negative effects of climate change inside the business and externally by helping our clients operate more sustainably.  We will continue to build on this, looking for ways to evolve our methods and employ leading practices to ensure we contribute to a low carbon economy."

    Karen Haith, Operations Director at Ipes said:

    "We are delighted to have been awarded this accreditation.  Ipes was founded in Guernsey 17 years ago and now employs 110 people on the island, so we are strongly committed to do all we can to reduce our impact on the environment.  It's a scheme that everyone at Ipes has been involved in and has been beneficial in helping us review and improve our green processes."

    Charlie Roger, Chief Executive Officer, Channel Islands, of Ravenscroft said:

    "The changes we made, which included installing air conditioning which can be regulated when the office is empty and the use of low energy lighting, have ensured that our energy consumption is as low as possible.  We also have recycling facilities throughout our office and ensure that all of our staff understand our environmental policies and more importantly appreciate why it's vital that companies take their responsibility to maintain Guernsey as the beautiful place it is.  Being reaccredited for the Keep Guernsey Green Award is independent endorsement that we are continuing our efforts and making a difference."

    The award is open to any local organisation and is held for a period of three years.

    Contact Information:

    Environmental Services Unit
    Environment Department
    Tel: 717200