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  • Divette Bay - Footpath to Bay Closed to the Public

    Wednesday 24 June 2015

    The Environment Department wishes to advise that the footpath access to Divette Bay (near Jerbourg) has been closed from its junction with the East coast cliff path.


    A section of the vertical soft cliff beneath the concrete footpath has subsided and the 1m wide concrete footpath is partially undermined.  The wire fencing and concrete beams beneath the path on this section have also been displaced.  Two of the hollow concrete steps on to the beach have also been broken but this damage is not connected with the subsidence of the cliff.

    A spokesperson for the Department said: "The damaged area is approximately 3m in length.  It is likely the damage was caused by rainwater draining through the cliff face below the path.  Due to the height of the path above the beach a roped access inspection of the site is necessary to obtain full detail of the extent of the undermining to the path before options for repair are considered.  This will be undertaken as soon as the contractor is available.  There are no estimates for the cost of repair at present."

    The organisers for Les Bourgs Hospice '30 Bay in 30 Days' event have been advised of the closure of Divette.

    Contact Information:

    Environmental Services Unit
    Environment Department
    Tel: 717200


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