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Mont Cuet

Mont Cuet is the island's landfill site. This is where all manner of waste which cannot, or is not, recycled, ends up. However, the site is nearing the end of its limited life, and is 64.6% full. Based on the rate of fill over the past five years, it will only last until the end of 2022.

What is Dumped at Mont Cuet?

Mont Cuet is mostly used to dump rubbish which cannot be re-used or recycled. You can bring both domestic and commercial waste here to be dumped although there is a charge. We encourage people to recycle as much of their waste as possible, so there is a much higher charge for waste loads that contain recyclable or re-usable materials (also known as contaminated loads). The costs will depend on what you are dumping and the quantity of the waste. We try to discourage rubbish going to landfill wherever possible and ask you to think about other options before landfill.

What Else Can I Find at Mont Cuet?

There is also a commercial only Green Waste site at Mont Cuet where you can take your green waste; and a domestic Green Waste site just next to Mont Cuet at Chouet Headland. Commercial quantities will be charged £20 per tonne. There is also an area where domestic scrap metal, waste electrical and electronic equipment and large cardboard items can be dumped free of charge. However if you want to dump general rubbish, bonded asbestos, or wood you will be charged.

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