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Drug & Alcohol Strategy

A combined Bailiwick Drug & Alcohol Strategy has been running from 2007. The primary aim of this Strategy is "to minimise the harm caused by drug and alcohol misuse by Bailiwick residents of all ages."

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Strategy Structure

The Drug & Alcohol Strategy comprises 6 Pillars, or Areas of Focus, with aims, objectives, outcomes and costs for each Pillar. These are outlined below. The Strategy is necessarily multi-agency led and this significant piece of work is coordinated with the Drug & Alcohol Strategy Coordinator.

Demand Reduction

  • To promote and develop a drug and alcohol education service;
  • To reduce the demand for and the acceptability of illegal drugs whilst increasing knowledge and offering alternatives to drug use;
  • To raise awareness of the consequences of problem alcohol use;
  • To reduce the adverse effects of alcohol on social well-being.

Young People and Families

  • To minimise experimentation and the adverse effects of drugs and alcohol;
  • To prevent experimental use of drugs and alcohol from developing into problem use;
  • To enable young people at risk of problem drug and alcohol use to make positive choices about their lives;
  • To address the issue of domestic abuse and violence and the links with substance misuse.


  • To provide treatment services to drug and alcohol offenders, people with drug and alcohol problems that are appropriate to their needs, and are in line with best practice;
  • To provide advice, information, counselling and support services for problem drug/alcohol users, their families/carers and other professionals.

Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement and Drug Supply Reduction

  • To employ strategies that deter the importation and supply of illegal drugs;
  • To support the development of law enforcement initiatives and work practices;
  • To reduce drug and alcohol related crime and disorder and drink/drug driving;
  • To provide services for offenders, who have drug and alcohol problems, which address the causes of their substance problem and the links with offending;
  • To provide services that enable problem drug/alcohol offenders to remain drug free and/or sober on their release from prison.

Promoting Safe and Sensible Drinking

  • To increase knowledge and awareness of what constitutes safe levels of alcohol consumption, and how this may vary with age, gender, the consumption of food, tiredness and prescribed medication;
  • To support the work of the Liquor Licensing Working Group in introducing and developing appropriate licensing conditions;
  • To ensure licensees and their staff are aware of the risks and consequences of binge drinking and act responsibly to discourage this.


  • To ensure a joined-up approach in delivery of initiatives;
  • To forge and strengthen links with other social policy areas;
  • To provide information about local trends;
  • To provide a monitoring framework to ensure quality and value for money;
  • To support legislation reviews.

Drug & Alcohol Strategy

Strategy Co-ordinator,  Sir Charles Frossard House,  La Charroterie,  St Peter Port,  GY1 1FH,  Guernsey
Tel: 44 1481 717000 Fax: 44 1481 736972

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