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Emergency Planning

What is an Emergency?

An emergency, as defined in the Civil Contingencies (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2012, is:

An event or situation which threatens serious damage to:

  • Human welfare (such as loss of life, injury, illness, damage to property or disruption of transport or the provision of health services);
  • The environment (such as contamination of land, water or air); and
  • The security of the Islands ( such as war or terrorism).

Additionally, to constitute an emergency, an event or situation must also pose a considerable test for an organisation's ability to perform its functions. This definition encompasses all disruptive challenges that require the use of assets beyond the scope of normal operations and require a special deployment. It refers to the same threshold that emergency services personnel would call a "major incident" and these terms are essentially interchangeable.

Emergency Planning Command and Control structure

In order to ensure an effective integrated response to an emergency, multi agency groups will be convened to co-ordinate the involved agencies activities, define strategy and objectives for the multi agency response as a whole. 

Emergency Planning Officer

Sir Charles Frossard House,  La Charroterie,  St Peter Port,  Guernsey,  GY1 1FH,  Channel Islands
Tel: 44 1481 717337 Email: home@gov.gg

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