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Extra Care Housing - Fit for the Future

Fit for the Future

For the latest information on La Grand Courtil and La Nouvelle Maraitaine 'extra care' schemes - see the documents at the bottom of this page.


In Guernsey, there are more and more older people who are living longer.  Alongside these rising numbers, over the last decade older people have consistently and more loudly let it be known that they value their independence and want to exercise choice about how they are housed and cared for. This is particularly the case for the so-called 'baby boomer' generation as they enter into retirement.

Against this background, the Housing Department reviewed the future of the two care homes it manages - Longue Rue House in St Martins and Maison Maritaine in the Vale.  These homes have been Guernsey landmarks loved by their elderly residents and staff alike but the building fabric and the mechanical and electrical systems were becoming obsolete, so much so that significant amounts of money were required just to keep them safe places to live.  But the stark facts were that no matter how much money was invested in the homes, they would never have been able to provide a living environment which met the Guernsey Standards for Care Homes that have been adopted by the States.

Acknowledging these problems and taking account of the Island's changing demographics and the views expressed by older people in our community, the Housing Department, in conjunction with the Health and Social Services Department, recommended that the best option for the residents and the States alike, was to demolish the old care homes and to build new purpose-built 'extra care' accommodation on the same sites.

These one and two bed 'extra care' flats are for rental and partial ownership by a wide range of people who need care and support to live independent lives.  This 'extra care' housing provides 24 hour on-site care and support services to meet the individual resident's needs.

Key Milestones

These changes have not happened overnight.  Phase 1 of each project was given States' approval in 2011.

A competition was held at the homes to choose the names of the two new 'extra care' schemes.  Mrs Ollie Hughes' choice of La Nouvelle Maraitaine won in the Vale and Mrs Amy Le Sauvage picked Le Grand Courtil for the 'extra care' scheme in St Martins.  And so, on 3 October 2012, ground breaking ceremonies were held when the Housing Department, the Health and Social Services Department and the Guernsey Housing Association joined with the residents of the two homes in celebrating the new 'extra care' accommodation and their new names.

Also as time has progressed more and more of the working practices in the two homes have changed to become more like the 'extra care' accommodation.

The first phase of each scheme is due to open in 2014.  Le Grand Courtil has 63 flats and La Nouvelle Maraitaine has 54 flats.  Once 60 current homes' residents have moved into their new 'extra care' flats, the old empty buildings will be demolished  which creates an opportunity to build phase 2 of the 'extra care' developments.

In March 2014 the States approved  the proposals for the next phase of 'extra care'.  Phase 2 will add another 45 'extra care' flats to the current scheme.  27 at Le Grand Courtil and 18 at La Nouvelle Maraitaine.

Click here to read the March 2014 Billet relating to Phase 2.

For more information about what 'extra care' is please follow the link.

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