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Draft Island Development Plan 2015

The Environment Department published the draft Island Development Plan and the corresponding Environmental Statement on Monday 16th February 2015. The Environment Department handed over the draft Island Development Plan and Environmental Statement to the Policy Council, who put in place arrangements for a full formal public consultation, overseen by independent Planning Inspectors, as required by the Planning Law.

The Initial Representations stage of the Planning Inquiry took place between 16th February 2015 and 13th April 2015. The Environment Department has given the Planning Inspectors written responses to the 1,516 Initial Representations submitted on the Draft Island Development Plan.

Initial Representations and the Environment Department's responses can be viewed on the Planning Inquiry's website - www.gov.gg/planninginquiry

The Further Representation Stage of the Planning Inquiry commences on Monday 15th June 2015 and closes on Friday 24th July 2015. This stage allows anybody to comment on any of the Initial Representations.

Further information, including guidance notes about the Planning Inquiry and how to make and view representations using the online consultation document, can be found on the Planning Inquiry website (www.gov.gg/planninginquiry) or by emailing or speaking to a member of the Planning Inquiry Admin Team based at Sir Charles Frossard House (email - planninginquiry@gov.gg; telephone - 717284).

Publication of the Draft Island Development Plan

A full and interactive version of the draft Island Development Plan and Environmental Statement is readily and easily available here - click here www.gov.gg/planninginquiry. 

You can provide your feedback and comments on the documents through this same link and by registering to have your say you will also have access to the following benefits:

  • browse through the document and make comments on the points that are of most interest to you;
  • ensure that you receive the very latest updates on the consultation as they become available;
  • be able to save draft versions of your comments, or quickly and easily view past comments;
  • view the comments made by other people.

If you require your own 'soft copy' of the draft Island Development Plan, the Environmental Statement or its Non-Technical Summary you can download a pdf file here

pdf icon Draft Island Development Plan 2015 [7Mb]

pdf icon Environment Impact Statement of Draft IDP 2015 [6Mb]

pdf icon Non Technical Summary of the Environmental Statement [809kb]

To view the interactive proposals map click here http://draftislandplan.digimap.gg

Plan Review logo To view supporting information including evidence reports and supplementary guidance supporting the draft Island Development Plan click on the following links:

pdf icon SPG Affordable Housing draft 2015 [564kb]

pdf icon SPG for Community Plans [355kb]

pdf icon SPG for Visitor Accommodation [423kb]

pdf icon SPG for Parking [328kb]

pdf icon Approach recommendations from the Employment Land Study 2014 [62kb]

pdf icon Employment Land Study 2014 [15Mb]

pdf icon Approach to Housing Allocations in the Draft Island Development Plan [462kb]

pdf icon Strategic Housing Land Availability Study June 2014 [4Mb]

pdf icon List of Call for Sites Submissions [45kb]

pdf icon The Use of Planning Covenants in the Delivery of Affordable Housing in Guernsey, 2012 [489kb]

pdf icon Independent Review of Proposed Affordable Housing Policy for the Guernsey Island Development Plan [571kb]

pdf icon Open Space and Outdoor Recreation Survey 2013 [12Mb]

pdf icon Guernsey SHLAA Peer Review 2013 [622kb]

pdf icon Guernsey ELS Peer Review 2013 by NLP [465kb]

pdf icon Approach to the designation of Sites of Special Significance, 2014 [510kb]

pdf icon Appraisal of Sites of Special Significance, 2014 [2Mb]

pdf icon Approach to the Designation of Areas of Biodiversity Importance, 2014 [1Mb]

pdf icon Guernsey Character Study, 2013 [2Mb]

pdf icon Identifying Local Centre Boundaries, 2014 [1Mb]

pdf icon Identifying Main Centre Boundaries, 2014 [3Mb]

pdf icon Cover Note and Combined Traffic Studies for Guernsey Housing Target Areas [19Mb]

pdf icon Survey of Important Open Land in Proposed Main and Local Centres 2014 [3Mb]

pdf icon Conservation Areas Report [7Mb]

pdf icon Retail Cores Report [1Mb]

pdf icon Agricultural Priority Area Report, October 2014 [2Mb]

pdf icon Approach to Redundant Glasshouse Sites, October 2014. [3Mb]

pdf icon Small Scale Business - Outside of Centres Report, July 2015 [802kb]

pdf icon Identifying Local Centres Report, July 2015 [5Mb]

Where can the draft Plans and Environmental Statement be viewed?

From Monday 16th February the draft Plan and Environmental Statement, including its Non-Technical Summary and the Supplementary Planning Guidance notes are available to view and make comments on through the States' website www.gov.gg/planninginquiry. Follow instructions on this page.

There will be three venues at which hard copies of the documents are available for public inspection during normal office hours:

  • Sir Charles Frossard House: Environment Reception

  • The Greffe

  • The Guilles Allès Library

Additionally, the Department has requested the various parish Constables Offices to display the draft Plan, the Non-Technical Summary of the Environmental Statement and the Supplementary Planning Guidance notes during their usual hours of opening.


If I want my own hard copy, where is  it available to purchase?

If you do not wish to view the draft Plan or Environmental Statement online or print off a copy yourself, then you can purchase a copy from the  Environment Department Reception at Sir Charles Frossard House in the following ways:


Full Plan Pack -  £35.00 per copy

  • Written Statement

  • 1 x Island Map

  • 2 x Main Centres Inset Maps

  • 6 x Local Centres Inset Maps

  • 1 x ES Non-Technical Summary

  • 4 x SPG's


Maps Pack - £8.00 per copy

  • 1 x Island Map

  • 2 x Main Centres Inset Maps

  • 6 x Local Centres Inset Maps

Environmental Statement (including Non Technical Summary) - £37.00  per copy

Environmental Statement  Non Technical Summary only  - £1.50 per copy              


Planning Inquiry and Hearing

As stated above, the Environment Department has now handed over the draft Island Development Plan to the Policy Council, which will now put in place arrangements for the Planning Inquiry stage of the process, overseen by independent Planning Inspectors, as required by the current Planning Law.

If your query relates to the planning inquiry process, how to make a representation either for or against the draft Plan, when the hearing take place, how long the hearing will take, who the Planning Inspectors are, how to register with Objective, how  to save draft comments,  what is your password for your account in Objective; when to make a representation by...etc,  then direct the query to :


Programme Officer

Planning Inquiry, Policy Council

Sir Charles Frossard House

La Charrotorie, St Peter Port. GY1 1FH

[t] 01481 717108  [e] planninginquiry@gov.gg


Further information on how and when to engage with the independent Planning Inspectors and details on the Public Inquiry can be found in the guidance notes produced by the Policy Council  entitled 'Planning Inquiry Guidance Notes' available to download from the States' website www.gov.gg/planninginquiry. The closing date for the Further Representations consultation is 5pm  Friday 24th June 2015.

To assist people wishing to review the Initial Representations or make Further Representations, the Planning Inquiry Admin Team is holding a series of drop-in sessions at the Guille-Allès Library. Further information is available on the Planning Inquiry website www.gov.gg/planninginquiry.

If I have a question on the contents of the documents?

If the query relates to the reasoning behind the policy approach, explaining what the policy means, what happened to a call for sites submission, what a colour means on the draft Proposals Map, what policies would apply to a particular site, or any query on the information within the Supplementary Planning Guidance or supporting information, such as the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) or Employment Land Study (ELS), then direct the query to :


Forward Planning Team,

Environment Department

Sir Charles Frossard House

La Charrotorie, St Peter Port. GY1 1FH

[t] 01481 717200  [e] planreview@gov.gg

[w] www.gov.gg/planreview                                     


Call for Sites

The 2nd stage of public consultation also included a 'Call for Sites'. This provided an opportunity for residents, landowners and organisations to suggest land in Guernsey which is, in principle, available for development over the next 10 years. Sites had to fit with the States' agreed spatial strategy, which is set out in the Strategic Land Use Plan, so must be located in or around Main and Local Centres.

Submissions received through this process fed into the assessment of what land may be potentially available and suitable for development so that the most appropriate sites could be considered as part of the Plan Review process as it moved forward. The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment report 2014 and the Employment Land Study 2014 contain the outcomes of this exercise and both of these documents were also published on Monday 16th February, as supporting information for the draft Island Development Plan 2015 .

If you made a Call for Sites submission to the Department you will have received an acknowledgment letter with a reference. Please use this reference in any queries relating to the outcome of your site with the Forward Planning Team and include it in any comments you make to the Planning Inspector as part of the Planning Inquiry .


The Department would like to thank everyone who has responded to the Plan Review  consultations so far. The comments received on the Topic Papers and the Key Issues and Options stages, alongside technical work and other research carried out by the Department, fed into the preparation of the draft Island Development Plan 2015.  these consultations are explained below.   

Previous Consultation Stages

The first stage public consultation, the General Topics Papers, was held between the 16th January and 16th March 2012. The first stage 'threw the net wide' to inform as many people as possible about the Plan Review and to seek their views and opinions about a wide range of topics.

The Department prepared a report summarising the consultation and the responses received:

Click on the PDF to view the Topic Paper Consultation Report for the Development Plan Review, July 2012. [383kb]


The 2nd stage public consultation, Key Messages, Issues & potential Options, ran for seven weeks from the 29th July until the 13th September 2013. The consultation addressed some key messages, issues and potential options that emerged during the Environment Department's evidence gathering as part of the Plan Review, principally in the areas of :

- Main and Local Centres

- Housing

- Employment

- The Natural and Built environment

- Open Space and Recreation

The Department prepared a report summarising the consultation and the responses received:

Click on the PDF to view the  pdf icon Second Stage Consultation for the Island Development Plan [1Mb]

The Department would like to thank everyone who responded to the previous consultations. The comments received alongside technical work and other research carried out by the Department, fed into the preparation of a Draft Island Development Plan.



Staying Informed

The Planning Inquiry stage of the Island Development Plan review involves an independent examination by a Planning Inspectors  of the draft Island Development Plan  2015. This stage of the process is administered by the Policy Council . Representations, both for and against the proposed policies, can then be submitted to the Planning Inquiry and will be considered by an Independent Planning Inspector. For details on how to engage in the current stage and make representations, please click here www.gov.gg/planninginquiry.  An outline of the review process is available here:

Click on the PDF to view the next stages Flowchart pdf icon Where we are Flow Chart [64kb]


General Information

What is the purpose of a Development Plan?

A Development Plan is effectively a blueprint for the planning and development of Guernsey which, if approved by the States, will form the basis on which the Environment Department will consider planning applications.

Why are the Development Plans being reviewed?

The Plans need to be reviewed to ensure that they are fit for purpose to serve the Island over the coming years.

In addition, Development Plans for the Island must be in line with the Strategic Land Use Plan, a statutory document put in place by the Policy Council of the States of Guernsey, which was adopted in November 2011.

The Review process will take two to three years. While this may seem like a long time, this is to ensure that the Department is able to carry out necessary research and that the public have sufficient opportunity to be involved in the Review. The Review will include an Inquiry into the new Plan(s) by independent Planning Inspectors.

It should be noted that the Plan Review will not change how planning applications are considered now. Until the Plan Review is complete and the new policies are formally approved by the States (envisaged to be in 2016), current Development Plans and policies remain in force and planning applications will continue to be determined according to those policies.

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