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Guernsey Prison

The Guernsey Prison serves the public by keeping in custody those committed by the Courts


The Prison's Role

Our duty is to look after prisoners with humanity and to help them lead law-abiding lives in custody and after release.


  • Protect the public by holding those committed by the courts in a safe, decent, and healthy environment;
  • Reduce crime by providing constructive regimes which address offending behaviour, improve educational and work skills and promote law-abiding behaviour in custody and after release.


  • Deal fairly, openly, and humanely with prisoners and all others who come into contact with us;
  • Encourage prisoners to address offending behaviour and respect others;
  • Value and support each other's contribution;
  • Promote equality of opportunity for all, and combat discrimination wherever it occurs;
  • Work constructively with criminal justice agencies and other organisations;
  • Obtain best value from the resources available.

The Prison's Message

  • Prison Staff have a difficult job but carry it out professionally;
  • We run a prison which is safe, decent and humane;
  • Prison and Probation staff work with prisoners to reduce the risk of them re-offending in order to prevent the next victim. This work is done well but does not provide a certainty that re-offending will not occur;
  • We treat prisoners fairly and must ensure decisions are taken lawfully with due account to their rights under the Human Rights (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 2000;
  • A wide range of staff work in the Prison and the Prison itself works in partnership with other criminal justice agencies and voluntary sector partners;
  • The Prison is subject to independent inspection and regular monitoring by the Panel of Prison Visitors, to whom prisoners can make complaints;
  • The Prison welcomes this degree of monitoring which ensures that what we do is always visible and checked on by people who are independent of the prison.

The overriding motivation of all our work is to protect the public and provide a safe environment in which staff  can work and prisoners can live.

Guernsey Prison

Les Nicolles,  St Sampsons,  GY2 4YF,  Guernsey
Tel: 44 1481 248376 Fax: 44 1481 247837

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