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Public Services Department

The Public Services Department is responsible for the delivery of key services and for the provision of essential island infrastructure through six Divisions:

· Head Office · Guernsey Roads · Guernsey Airport · Guernsey Water · Guernsey Harbours · States Works

By working together in one organisation our Divisions are able to make the most cost effective use of the Department's 'in house' resources providing a value for money, quality service to the people of Guernsey.

Head Office

Our function at Central Services is to co-ordinate the work of all divisions from a strategy and policy point of view and ensure that services are provided efficiently and cost-effectively.

In addition much of the work we do at Central Services helps to support Guernsey's vital infrastructure.

Public Services also acts as the island's Waste Disposal Authority. It is responsible for implementing the Waste Management and Disposal Plan, and providing waste services and facilities. Central Services is responsible for this aspect of the Department's activity.

Guernsey Roads

Guernsey Roads is responsible for street cleansing and the maintenance and upkeep of public roads. For example when a road is reported to be damaged or dangerous PSD's staff inspect the road and then organise any necessary repair. Guernsey Roads also plans and implements an annual rolling programme of road resurfacing.

This Division also administers the Bulk Refuse Scheme and its Reception handles recycling and waste disposal enquiries from householders.

Guernsey Airport

Guernsey Airport is the gateway to the islands of the Bailiwick and along with Alderney Airport provides access to the Channel Islands of Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm. Both airports have links to key regions in the UK along with Jersey and France.

Guernsey's terminal building  provides modern facilities in a safe environment, including: covered walkways to aircraft, duty-free shopping, restaurant, café, bar, hire Car desks, conference facilities, internet café, information desk, euro foreign exchange, cash point, hearing loop, wheelchair access and Lifts. In addition services are available to assist passengers with reduced mobility.

Guernsey Water

Guernsey Water is the Island's only water company, and oversees the collection, storage, treatment and distribution of potable (drinkable) water to over 25,000 customers, as well as the collection, transport and treatment of all sewage (waste from toilets, baths, sinks, showers, basins etc.) and surface water (rainfall run-off) in the Island.

 Its vision is: " To deliver to our customers clean water and wastewater services which focus on quality, reliability, consistency, value for money and sustainability."

Guernsey Harbours

Guernsey Harbours is responsible for the administration and operation of the Ports of St Sampson's and St Peter Port as well as other maritime activities.

The key services are:

· To provide commercial port facilities for the use of sea passengers and freight.

· To provide berthing and handling facilities for the local fishing fleet.

· To provide berthing and marina facilities for local and visiting yachtsmen.

· To act as the local lighthouse authority.

· To act as the Guernsey Registrar of British Ships.

· To provide a maritime search and rescue co-ordination service and publish maritime safety information.

· Licensing and control of commercial vessels in local waters.

States Works

States Works provides general contracting and maintenance services to the States of Guernsey and private clients, utilising the skills and expertise of the predominantly manual workforce and specialist vehicles and equipment. States Works aims to provide a quality public service to the people of Guernsey.

Contact Details

Guernsey Roads                                   PSD Head Office
La Hure Mare                                        Brickfield House                 
Vale                                                        St Andrew 
GY3 5UD                                               GY6 8TY
Tel: +44 1481 202250                        Tel: +44 1481 234684

                    Or Email:

Overview of Responsibilities

- Airport - Harbours - Roads - Sewerage - Water Supply - Drainage - Landfill - Waste Disposal

Political Board

Minister Deputy Minister

Deputy Paul A. Luxon

Deputy Scott J. Ogier

Board Members

Deputy Yvonne Burford

Deputy Darren J. Duquemin

Deputy Robert A. Jones

Chief Officer

Mr Adrian Lewis

Opening Hours

8.30am – 5.00pm

Contacting Your Political Representatives

If you would like to contact a Member of the States on a specific subject their details are held in the States Members Contact Details Section. The link will take you to a full list of the States Members email addresses and, where relevant, their social media account details.

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