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Scrutiny Committee

The Scrutiny Committee is mandated to scrutinise and challenge the effectiveness of Departments, including the Policy Council, in their policy development, policy implementation and service delivery.

The Scrutiny Committee was formed in May 2004 and comprises of  nine States Members who are all elected to the Committee by the States of Deliberation. Our function is, through a process of political scrutiny, to subject Departments and Committees to regular reviews to determine the effectiveness of government policies and services.

The membership of the Committee shows a positive interlinking of the Parliamentary Committees, with the Chairs of the Public Accounts Committee, States Assembly and Constitution Committee and the Legislation Select Committee also sitting on the Scrutiny Committee.

The Chair of the Scrutiny Committee also sits on the Public Accounts Committee as a member.

The full mandate of the Committee and guidelines on our processes and procedures can be downloaded from the links provided on this page, together with guidance documents for those giving evidence to Scrutiny.

Please visit our individual pages in this section to discover in more depth how the Committee operates, its current Work Programme, and previously published Reports and Press Releases.  You will also find a summary of any speeches given by our Members in the States of Deliberation and how the Committee works alongside the other States scrutiny organisations.

If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions concerning the Scrutiny Committee, we would be pleased to hear from you through any of the various methods detailed below.

Political Board

Chairman Vice Chairman

Deputy Robert A. Jones

Deputy Paul R. Le Pelley

Board Members

Deputy Peter A. Sherbourne

Deputy Lester C. Queripel

Deputy Laurie B. Queripel

Deputy Barry J. E Paint

Deputy Arrun M. Wilkie

Deputy Christopher J. Green

Deputy Garry M. Collins

Chief Officer

Mr Mark A Huntington

Contacting Your Political Representatives

If you would like to contact a Member of the States on a specific subject their details are held in the States Members Contact Details Section. The link will take you to a full list of the States Members email addresses and, where relevant, their social media account details.

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