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Update on Advisory Group and summary of the Employer workshop to launch the Skills Guernsey Manifesto for Action for those young people who are not in education, employment or training

Advisory Groups for the GTA University Centre and Guernsey College of Further Education

Advisory Groups are well-established lines of communication which provide the Guernsey College of Further Education and the GTA University Centre with the opportunity to engage with colleagues from a wide sector of employment sectors in Guernsey. This supports both organisations in ensuring that in ensuring that they are in touch with current and anticipated training needs for those sectors.

Please find below a breakdown of the advisory groups and current membership. If you are interested in joining these advisory groups please contact :

Joe Raleigh, Apprenticeship Scheme Manager on

Simon Le Tocq - GTA University Centre on

Summary of discussion at the Employers workshop to launch the Manifesto for Action for those young people who are not in education, employment or training held on 20th November 2013

20+ representatives of employers, states departments and support agencies attended the seminar and discussed how to support young people who are not in education, employment or training.

The seminar was especially useful for practitioners who are involved in supporting young people who are not in education, employment or training. The variety of observations have developed are understanding of perceptions of young people vulnerable to becoming NEET.

Since the workshop we have received an offer of support in sharing the information with employer groups such as Chamber of Commerce and Institute of Directors. Officers have also agreed to meet in January to review progress.

We will continue to monitor the manifesto and its application in Guernsey. We invite colleagues to an update meeting in spring 2014.

Some of the key issues raised:-

1.            The manifesto is comprehensive and has clearly identified how support for young people can be provided.

2.            It is essential that young people have access to a curriculum that has flexible pathways that are appropriate to all students. Some of the proposed developments were particularly welcome such as the initiatives being considered by the Community Foundation, Prince's Trust and Karabiner.

3.            The collation of pre-employment training opportunities is welcome and the revised, revamped Careers Website should ensure improved communication. Consideration should also be given to increased use of Twitter, Facebook etc.

It was noted that there were opportunities to build upon the manifesto:-

1.            All attendees recognised the importance and value of the mentoring. It was encouraged that new initiatives should incorporate mentoring opportunities.

2.            The Children's Law especially when applied to 16-18 year olds ensures a duty of care on all island agencies. This requirement should be reflected in all interventions of support for young people.

3.            There was particular benefit in employers providing a variety of employment opportunities to young people for example part time work and flexible contracts.  

For more information please contact Alun Williams, lifelong learning manager, at or Martin Bridle, Job Centre Manager at

OECD Skills Outlook 2013 - Skills Guernsey response

In October, the OECD published  'Skilled for Life - the OECD Skills Outlook 2013'. In this Skills Outlook the OECD presented the initial results of the 'Survey of Adult Skills' which evaluated the skills of adults in 24 countries and provided insights into the availability of some of the key skills and how they are used at work and at home. A major component is the direct assessment of key information-processing skills: literacy, numeracy and problem solving in the context of technology-rich environments.

Skills Guernsey has written a summary of the key findings and made comment about their relevance to Guernsey - please find a copy of this response below.

Launch of the Skills Guernsey Manifesto for Action for those young people who are not in education, employment or training

Following a breakfast seminar with employers, agencies and departments held on Wednesday 20th November  Skills Guernsey is pleased to launch its Manifesto for Action for those young people who are not in education, employment or training. The key points of the manifesto are:

Three Core principles:

1) Supporting those who are NEET is a shared community responsibility

2) Early intervention is key

3) There is already NEET activity happening.

The Definition of young people who are NEET

The starting point in working with those who are NEET is to define who are being targeted. We propose that the following definition should be applied:

"those 16-25 year olds who are classified as jobseekers with no earnings.''

Aims and Objectives:

Overall Aim:

Recommend the establishment of a sustainable and actionable strategic plan aimed at reducing NEET numbers in Guernsey.


• To increase the opportunities available for young people who are NEET.

• To deliver school accountability for early intervention in the identification of young people who are NEET.

• To encourage or incentivise employers to engage in delivering solutions to the NEET issue.

• To explore ways to improve attitudes towards young people who are NEET and educate the community about them.

At the breakfast seminar there was broad agreement of the principles and proposals within the Manifesto and a commitment from those who attended to continue to work together to monitor developments.

Please see below link to NEETs Manifesto.

For more information please contact Alun Williams, Lifelong Learning Manager  - or Martin Bridle  -

A Skills Guernsey Workshop on Young People who are not in Education, Employment or Training

One of the 2013 workstreams of Skills Guernsey has been the implementation of a plan to support young people in Guernsey who are not in education, employment or training.

Skills Guernsey is pleased to host a briefing and seminar for all those agencies that work with young people who are vulnerable to being 'not in education, employment or training'. The briefing will be open to staff from Schools, the Job Centre, Voluntary Agencies, Youth Justice, the Probation Service, the Careers Service and relevant employers and employer organisations.

By the end of the briefing attendees will:

· Have a clearer understanding of the Skills Guernsey Manifesto for Action to support young people who are not in education, employment or training;

· Have discussed a  common approach to working with those young people who are not in education, employment or training; and

·  Have begun to reflect on how their organisation can respond to the actions resulting from recommendations.

Employers are invited to attend a breakfast seminar hosted by Skills Guernsey on Wednesday 20th November, 8.00am - 11.00am at  the Food & Retail Skills Shop at Admiral Park.

Representatives from the Skills Guernsey implementation Group will discuss the proposals and seek discussion with employers and other interested agencies.

If you would like to attend the seminar, please contact Alun Williams on by Friday 15th November.

The Independent review of the States Registered Apprenticeship Scheme - A seminar for Employers

In Spring 2013 an independent review of the States Registered Apprenticeship scheme was commissioned by the Education Department. When the review was announced in 2012 the Education Board made the following statement to explain why the States Registered Apprenticeship Scheme was being reviewed:

The Department believes it is important to look at all areas of its operations to ensure that they are fit for purpose for the 21st Century and provide value for money for the taxpayers' investment. The Education Board must make evidence-based decisions and the Apprenticeship Scheme has remained largely unchanged in the 50 or so years it has been running. The Department does not wish to pre-judge the findings of the review at this time but wishes to stress that this is not a cost-cutting exercise but about ensuring the Apprenticeship Scheme continues to meet the needs of the changing economy and consistently delivers the professionally recognised qualifications and skills which employers and learners need as well as offering best value for the money invested

In July 2013 the Education Board  noted and accepted the recommendations included in the Report and established an action plan to respond to the recommendations  that it will be taking forward over the next academic year.

The key observation made in the review was :'The States Registered Apprenticeship Scheme continues to be highly valued by employers, apprentices themselves and the community at large'.

The review also identified the key role that is played by all those who support the scheme: 'Credit is due to an exemplary partnership between employers, apprentices and the States of Guernsey'.

Employers are invited to attend a breakfast seminar hosted by Skills Guernsey on Thursday 12th September, 8.00am - 9.30am at Les Ozouets Campus, Guernsey College of Further Education.

Dr Elaine Monkhouse, the independent reviewer of the Apprenticeship Scheme will discuss the findings accompanied by representatives of the Guernsey College of Further Education and the Education Department to discuss future arrangements for the scheme.

Most importantly this will be an opportunity for employers to comment upon the findings and the future arrangements for the scheme.

If you would like to attend the seminar please contact Alun Williams on by Tuesday 10th September

Skills Guernsey Update on workshops - common messages from Skills Guernsey Spring 2013 workshops

It has been a busy few weeks for Skills Guernsey as it completes its programme of spring workshops.  Over the past two months it has led four workshops:

  • The launch of The Skills Guernsey report for 2012 and plan of action for 2013
  • The role of Mentoring
  • Guernsey's care sector - an analysis of training needs
  • Flexible working: how can we enable more opportunities for flexible working?

Skills Guernsey has also been involved in the seven breakfast seminars organised by Commerce and Employment Department aimed at the Small business community

Over 50 business leaders attended the workshops which were delivered in partnership with various bodies including the Community Foundation and the Guernsey branch of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development).  We have found the workshops to be a very useful exercise. The engagement with employers from all sectors of the community has been illuminating and instructive. Although the subject matter has varied significantly some common themes have recurred:

  • The workplace is becoming increasingly challenging and dynamic. In all workshops we saw the impact of  technical developments ; changes in legislation and regulatory requirements; an increasingly sophisticated  evidence base ; the increasing specialisation of services; more demanding requirements from the community in terms of flexibility.
  • Guernsey is well-placed to respond to those challenges. In all workshops we witnessed a willingness to reflect on current practice and to share with colleagues. There was a recognition that there are tough times ahead but there is also an appetite to embrace change to tackle these challenges.
  • There is a desire to work together to address these issues. Organisations such as the Community Foundation, Skills Guernsey and the CIPD worked together on these events and will continue to support each other as we seek to maximise the skills levels of Guernsey's current and future workforce.

Please find below a full summary of the findings and actions from the surveys.

The Education Board Strategic vision for the future of Education

The Education Board's strategic vision for the future of education will be debated by the Assembly at the end of July.

Today's Learners Tomorrow's World was first published in March and sets out the Board's aspiration to achieve a world-class education for Guernsey.

Board Members hosted a series of presentations to education service staff, politicians and members of the public seeking feedback on its vision

Please find further information at:

Please see 'News and Documents Archive' for older news.

Skills Guernsey, a joint initiative by the Commerce and Employment, Education and Social Security Departments, was launched recently for the purpose of delivering the Island's Skills Strategy.

The establishment of Skills Guernsey is an important development that will support every sector of the Island's community.  Its success will be dependent on Island-wide commitment to retaining and building upon a skilled workforce, and also in ensuring that the potential workforce is maximised at all skill levels. This will be achieved by making sure that those who are able to participate in the workforce have the opportunity to do so, regardless of their skill level. 

Skills Guernsey will be taking forward the actions identified in the document produced by the Skills Strategy Development Group: Towards a Skills Strategy for Guernsey. This document and its annex can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Skills Guernsey has an Implementation group which meets regularly to discuss progress and develop the strategy and the Policy group provides political leadership, advice and details of timescale.

Skills Guernsey has two main goals:

Skills Development - developing a workforce that is well educated, highly skilled and sustainable that supports the Island's competitiveness and prosperity.


Workforce Participation - providing opportunities for, and fully utilising the potential workforce, at all levels.

Each of these goals was considered and some Big Questions were identified as methods to help Skills Guernsey achieve these goals. Each of these questions are looked at in more detail in the Big questions section.

The States Strategic Plan Objectives being addressed by Skills Guernsey
  • Maintain Guernsey's competitive position in order to achieve future economic success
  • Support a range of social policy initiatives providing for appropriate health, social, education, welfare and safety needs and a number of employment matters

The specific objectives as they relate to the Skills Strategy:

Fiscal and Economic plan:
  • Average economic growth of 2% or more per annum;
  • Continuing full employment;
  • Diversified, broadly balanced economy; and
  • Skills flexible labour market
Social Policy Plan:
  • Greater quality of education opportunity; and
  • Employment for all those who need and are able to work

Skills Guernsey

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