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Treasury and Resources Department

The Department has a broad range of responsibilities. At the highest level these can be categorised as advising the States on matters relating to the allocation and administration of all States resources, the regulation and control of States financial affairs, the raising of States income, the systems for the assessment and collection of income tax, dwellings profits tax (currently suspended) and tax on real property.

There are six Sections that comprise the Treasury & Resources Department which are responsible for the delivery of the policy priorities established by the Department's political Board* and for carrying out all of the necessary day-to-day work of the Department.

A brief synopsis of each Section follows, with a more detailed overview available on the right hand side of this page.

Central Services

The teams within the Central Services portfolio consist of the States' 'Shared Transactional Service Centre', located at Sir Charles Frossard House and known as 'The HUB' (which provides core business support services to all States departments), and the Guernsey Digimap Service, located at the Old Tobacco Factory (which manages the provision of the States digital map).

(Please refer queries relating to TRP collection to the Recoveries Manager, Treasury & Resources Cashiers, tel: 717003, email

For queries relating to the States of Guernsey Digital Map, please contact Guernsey Digital map Services, tel :729240 )

Corporate Procurement Services

Corporate Procurement ensures that all States' purchasing complies with all best procurement practice and provides corporate procurement services and advice to Departments and Committees.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

ICT oversees the corporate ICT Strategy and Infrastructure.

Income Tax

Income Tax ensures that the assessment and collection of Income Tax takes place, maintains the systems for the assessment and collection of those taxes and administers the requirements of the current Tax Laws that are applicable in the Bailiwick.

States Property Services

Administers and maintains all aspects of the States' property portfolio.


Ensures the effective management of all States' financial assets under the Department's control, whilst providing corporate Treasury services to Departments and Committees and preparing the States' annual Accounts and Budget.

Overview of Responsibilities

- The States of Guernsey's financial matters - Guernsey currency notes and coins - Property assessment for TRP purposes - The Cadastre Register of property ownership - The States of Guernsey Digital Map - Corporate Procurement - The corporate ICT Strategy and Infrastructure - The assessment and collection of income tax - The registration of Charities and other NPOs - The States of Guernsey property portfolio - The States of Guernsey annual Accounts and Budget

Political Board

Minister Deputy Minister

Deputy Gavin A. St Pier

Deputy Jan Kuttelwascher

Board Members

Deputy Hunter Adam

Deputy Roger A. Perrot

Deputy Anthony Spruce

Non States Board Members

Mr John C. Hollis

Contact Details

Sir Charles Frossard House
La Charroterie
St Peter Port
Channel Islands
Tel: 44 1481 717000
Fax: 44 1481 717321

Opening Hours

8.30am – 5.00pm, Monday - Friday

Contacting Your Political Representatives

If you would like to contact a Member of the States on a specific subject their details are held in the States Members Contact Details Section. The link will take you to a full list of the States Members email addresses and, where relevant, their social media account details.

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