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States of Guernsey publishes Carers Action Plan

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Tuesday 30 April 2019

The States of Guernsey has today published a Carers Action Plan, which identifies key priorities for action to improve the services and support available to informal, unpaid carers in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, as set out in the Supported Living and Ageing Well Strategy.

All of us need some support from our family and friends sometimes. Many of us will also, at some point in our lives, have times where a family member or friend needs our care or support on a more intense and ongoing basis. As family members or friends we might make meals for someone, help with shopping, cleaning or laundry. We might help someone get up in the morning or go to the toilet. We might keep an eye on someone who is confused or at risk; or encourage someone to do things for themselves. We might be there to listen.

Carers who care for loved ones carry out a crucial role, not only for families but also for the wider community. For some people, that supporting role can have an impact on their own wellbeing. Being a carer might mean they have to give up parts of their social life, reduce their hours at work and therefore have less income, or they might find themselves needing advice but unsure where to turn. It is important that people who are supporting others are supported themselves.

The Carers Action Plan sets out actions for both the States of Guernsey and for charitable and voluntary organisations that will improve the services and support available for carers in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Deputy Heidi Soulsby, President of the Committee for Health & Social Care, said:

'Through looking after and supporting their loved ones, carers perform an invaluable role in our society. The important part they play in the new model of care - the Partnership of Purpose is recognised and, with it, the requirement to provide carers themselves with help and support, when they need it.'

'The Carers Action Plan sets out the services and support that carers in the Bailiwick of Guernsey will be able to access in the future. These range from the introduction of carer's assessments through to improved provision of information, advice and outreach support.'

'The States of Guernsey has worked closely with the third sector, in order to ensure that a comprehensive and person-centred approach to providing support for carers is delivered in line with the ethos set out in the Partnership of Purpose.'

Deputy Jane Stephens, Social Policy Lead for the Policy & Resources Committee, and Chair of the Implementation and Engagement Group for the Supported Living and Ageing Well Strategy said:

'The Supported Living and Ageing Well Strategy identified a need for the States of Guernsey to develop a strategy to support informal carers. Carers play a vital role in supporting their loved ones and the States of Guernsey recognises that carers themselves need support.'

'The Carers Action Plan sets out a wide range of actions to improve the services and support that carers in the Bailiwick of Guernsey will receive in the future, including better information, advice and support. This will enable carers to combine their caring role with their other responsibilities - such as work or studies.'

'The Carers Action Plan has been developed by the States of Guernsey working in close partnership with the charitable sector and I would like to thank those organisations that have agreed to play a role in supporting carers in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.'

Peter Harwood, Chairman of Carers Guernsey, said:

'Carers Guernsey is an independent charity that has recently been established to provide information, advice and outreach support to carers in the Bailiwick and where possible to represent their interests in the development of policy with the Sates of Guernsey. Carers Guernsey has welcomed the opportunity to work with the States of Guernsey in the establishment of the Carers Action Plan as a positive first step in the recognition of the contribution made by the vast numbers of informal carers within the Bailiwick and the support that they deserve.'

"Carers Guernsey will act as a first point of contact to provide carers in the Bailiwick with access to the support and information that they need as and when they need it. Carers Guernsey will also continue to develop its outreach programme and will help to provide emotional and practical support to carers in the community.  We will aim to ensure progress with the implementation of the Carers Action Plan. We will also seek to maintain a healthy dialogue with the Sates of Guernsey in the development of further policies for the support of Carers beyond the immediate term of the Carers Action Plan."

You can view both the Carers Action Plan and Summary of Carers Views in the downloads section on this page.


Carers Action Plan 2019 Summary of Carers Views 2019

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