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Children and Young People's Plan (CYPP)

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The Plan sets out the way in which the States intends to meet the requirements of the Children's Law 2008.

It is tailored to the identified needs of children and young people in Guernsey and Alderney's and also ensures ongoing compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights and well as the European Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Children Law 2008 requires the creation of such a Plan at least once every three years. The law says that the States has "a duty to provide services to any child in need" and the CYPP sets out how that will be achieved.

The CYPP represents the local vision and aspirations for all children and young people in The Bailiwick. The Plan shows how partner agencies and services including those in the third sector will continue to work better together to address locally identified needs, integrate provision and focus on early intervention, safeguarding; mitigating the effects of child poverty to improve outcomes.

The CYPP sets out what actions will be delivered and, as appropriate, what resources we will commit to deliver the priorities in the CYPP.

  • The Children & Young People's Plan 2016

    • This is the second CYPP to be produced and it reflects the views of professionals, parents, children and young people gained through widespread consultation and debate, as well as through learning what worked in the previous plan. The Plan was debated and approved by the States in February 2016.
    • While prioritising 'children in need' the CYPP is aimed at ensuring that Guernsey and Alderney are the best places possible for children and young people to grow up.
    • Although The Committee for Health and Social Care has responsibility for drafting the CYPP, a multi-agency approach has been taken to its development and it is acknowledged that it can only work if action is joined-up across the States and with the help of the voluntary sector.
    • It also sits within the framework of public service reform. The focus is on transformation and partnership, adding value through effective joint working and making the welfare of the child the paramount consideration. It emphasises provision of integrated help and support at the earliest possible point for children and their families to prevent problems from worsening and seriously affecting the life chances of those children in the future.
  • A Living Document

    • The 2016 Plan is a six-year document which needs to be regularly reviewed and revised; it is intended to be a 'living document' that is subject to continuous engagement with children and young people and their families, and an annual review and consultation process. The latest plan was therefore updated in 2019 and sets out the progress we have made (since 2016) and the refreshed objectives at this midpoint of the CYPP.
    • A copy of the 2019 update report is available by clicking here.
    • It is a core principle of all of the work on the Plan that the voices of children and young people are heard in shaping the services provided to them and this remains one of the key commitments in the Plan and a key theme running through everything that we do.
    • Committees working collectively to review current funding arrangements such as family allowance will ensure that the needs of children, young people and their families are met more effectively.







Committee for Health & Social Care - The Children and Young People's Plan 2023-2026 CYPP - Policy Priority 2019 Update CYPP 2016 CYPP Policy Letter Children & Young People's Plan - Consultation Findings

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