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Development Frameworks approved for La Vrangue and Pitronnerie Road

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Wednesday 24 April 2024

Two Development Frameworks have been approved by the Development & Planning Authority for residential development on the sites referred to as La Vrangue and Pitronnerie Road in St Peter Port.

La Vrangue is one of 15 sites allocated in the Island Development Plan for housing development and has been earmarked for housing development for several decades.

The Development Frameworks are not in themselves planning applications and do not automatically mean permission is given for any planning application. Any planning application subsequently received regarding specific development proposals for either site in question will be publicised and considered in the normal way.

The Development Frameworks outline the potential for these sites to yield approximately 400-600 dwellings in total.

Members of the public were given the opportunity to comment on the draft Development Frameworks and associated Traffic Impact Assessment which outlined potential mitigations for the road network, bus service improvements, and facilities for walking and cycling.

During the 12-week consultation period, 19 representations were received from members of the public. There was also consultation with States bodies and public agencies.

The main matters raised in consultation were:

The Development & Planning Authority made changes to the draft Development Frameworks in response to this and other feedback, before approving them as Supplementary Planning Guidance. This means that any subsequent planning applications relating to development proposals for the sites should be carried out in accordance with the relevant Development Framework.

Deputy Victoria Oliver, President of the Development & Planning Authority, said:

"I'd like to thank everyone who took the opportunity to submit their comments on the draft Development Frameworks. It's important that we receive as much feedback as possible to ensure that everyone's voice is heard.

"La Vrangue is a housing allocation site and both this and the Pitronnerie Road site are within the St Peter Port Main Centre Outer Area and are not designated as Important Open Land. In principle therefore both sites can be developed for residential purposes to help meet the Island's housing needs."

"We are here to be enablers and not blockers, and Development Frameworks help us to do just that, paving the way for the right types of developments to come forward to help address our need for housing."

Housing is a top priority for the States as it arguably one of the most pressing domestic challenges facing Guernsey. The States Strategic Housing Indicator was agreed by the States in March 2023, and this is set at creating 1,565 new homes between 2023 and 2027. The development of the two sites will help to meet the clear need for additional housing in Guernsey with the types and sizes of homes required. The Development Frameworks will ensure that proposals are designed to create sustainable neighbourhoods with a strong sense of place, and with good connectivity to the surrounding area. The Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) includes a package of sustainable transport interventions that have been identified to improve safety and connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists, and to encourage positive travel behaviours, both for existing and future residents. The TIA makes recommendations for site access, parking, mitigation measures for the road network, bus service improvements, and facilities for walking and cycling within the sites and improvements to routes in the local area.

The Development Frameworks and Traffic Impact Assessment can be accessed on the Development Frameworks page.

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