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Exchanging your licence

Contact Us - Driver and Vehicle Licensing

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  • Exchanging your UK or foreign driving licence to a Guernsey driving licence

    • If you will be living permanently in the Bailiwick of Guernsey then you must exchange your current driving licence to a Guernsey driving licence within one year.
    • An exchange of foreign driving licence application cannot be completed online. You must submit your application in person at our Edward T Wheadon House office or by post.
    • A list of countries from which driving licences can be exchanged to a Guernsey driving licence can be found here
    • Any categories and entitlement granted is in accordance with Guernsey legislation. This may differ to the entitlement held under the licence being exchanged. Details of Guernsey driving licence categories can be found here.
    • If your current driving licence is not accepted for exchange, you will be required to apply for a provisional driving licence, and pass a theory and practical driving test. You will not be covered to drive using your foreign driving licence after one year, until you have passed your driving test in Guernsey.
    • To obtain a Guernsey driving licence you will need to:
      • submit a completed driving licence application form;
      • call into our Edward T Wheadon House office where we will take your photograph. If you are unable to attend the office, please submit a recent photograph to the following pdf icon specification [142kb] by post;
      • pay the relevant fee to exchange your driving licence. Driver and Vehicle Licensing will confirm the required fee at the time of application;
      • submit your original passport OR a completed Identity Verification Form. If you are submitting an ID verification form you will also need to bring your birth certificate. If you post in your original passport, it will be returned to you via recorded delivery;
      • surrender your current driving licence. (If you have misplaced your current driving licence, you must apply for proof of your driving entitlement from the jurisdiction where it was issued, for example an Extract of Driving Licence Details or a Certificate of Entitlement);
      • if you answer YES to any of the medical questions on the application form OR you are over the age of 45 AND you hold categories C, CE, D1, D1E, D or DE (large goods vehicles, minibuses and large passenger carrying vehicles), provide a medical form completed by a local doctor to confirm your fitness to drive. Further information regarding driving with an illness or disability is available here.
    • We are unable to exchange provisional driving licences. A provisional driving licence is only valid to use in the jurisdiction in which it was issued.
    • Further Information about driving in Guernsey can be found here.
  • Exchanging your Guernsey driving licence for a driving licence in another jurisdiction

    • If you have moved permanently away from the Bailiwick of Guernsey you need to apply for a driving licence in the jurisdiction that you have moved to. Your Guernsey driving licence is only valid for 12 months outside of the Bailiwick.
    • If you become resident in another jurisdiction, you may be entitled to exchange your Guernsey driving licence for an equivalent driving licence issued in the country that you are moving to. If so, the authorities in that jurisdiction will require you to submit your current Guernsey driving licence to them for exchange. Some countries may also require confirmation of your driving experience before they will issue you with a new driving licence.
    • If you have lost your Guernsey driving licence, we are unable to issue a new one to you if you are no longer resident in Guernsey, so you will need to apply for an extract of your Guernsey driving licence details. This can be handed in to the authorities in the country you have moved to with your application to exchange your driving licence.
    • To apply for an extract of your Guernsey driving licence details you need to complete this form: Extract of Guernsey Driving Licence application form
    • Please email your request to or post it to us.
    • The extract of your Guernsey driving licence details cannot be sent to you by email. It will be sent by post to your new address.
    • For further information about driving outside of the Bailiwick of Guernsey and driving licence exchange entitlement please go to:


Driving licence application form (new, provisional, exchange, duplicate) Identity Verification Form Photograph Specification Foreign driving licences accepted for exchange Vehicle category descriptions and age entitlements for driving Driving in Guernsey is different Extract of Guernsey Driving Licence Details

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