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Focused Government Work Plan to include Top 10 recovery actions to address immediate challenges

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Thursday 17 June 2021

The Government Work Plan, the States of Guernsey's integrated, phased and funded plan of action for this political term, has been lodged today for debate on 21st July 2021.

The Plan puts the work of government into a single document.  As agreed by the Assembly in March 2021, it focuses on four priorities: responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, managing the effects of Brexit and meeting international standards, which are both 'must do' priorities; as well as delivering recovery actions and re-shaping government. 

The Plan calls for commencing work on a Top 10 list of recovery actions now to address pressing issues:

As well as looking at short and medium-term actions, including the Top 10, the Plan also looks to address a trend of underinvestment in the Island's infrastructure, where the States has fallen short of its own capital investment targets.

Deputy Heidi Soulsby, Vice-President of the Policy & Resources Committee said

'The need is great and aspirations are high, but time is short and finances are limited. The Plan focuses on our immediate economic, social and environmental needs while positioning Islanders for a thriving, sustainable future. It takes action and makes real investment in what we need to care for our health; invest in our skills; stimulate our economy; and protect our environment.'

Deputy Mark Helyar, the Treasury lead for the Policy & Resources Committee said

'There has been underinvestment in critical national and economic infrastructure - capital investment is now vital to deliver this Plan. The recommendation, which is affordable in the medium term, is to utilise existing financial assets and borrow a further £200m to invest in our infrastructure, improve our financial resilience and boost economic recovery and expansion.'

The Plan also sets out phased progress in new ways of working to make government more efficient and effective, thereby better enabling the economy, community and environment to thrive. The States' fiscal and human resources will be deployed for maximum impact. The States will deliver only that which they are best placed to carry out and will establish ways to work in partnership with the private and third sectors to more effectively deliver key projects and vital services.

The Government Work Plan's vision was informed by the high-level Revive and Thrive: Our Recovery Strategy for GuernseyTogether approved last year and will replace the Future Guernsey Plan/P&R Plan.

To read the full policy letter and the Government Work Plan 'On a Page' please go to Government Work Plan - States of Guernsey.


Government Work Plan - Plan on a Page Government Work Plan - Stage 2 Policy Letter

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