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Island Development Plan focused review

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The Development and Planning Authority (DPA) is undertaking a focused review of certain policies within the Island Development Plan (IDP).

The IDP was adopted by the States in November 2016 and is valid for ten years, unless extended by the States. The DPA must review the IDP at least once every ten years and can decide to amend it or produce a new plan if it considers that is necessary.

Through the policies of the Strategic Land Use Plan and the IDP, the DPA is also required to conduct an interim review of the IDP policies relating only to housing land supply and employment land supply after five years of the IDP being adopted, specifically so that these can be updated, and provision made for the next five years of the IDP.

In 2020, the DPA was about to embark on this five-year review of the housing land supply and employment land supply, as well as a number of other policies that had been identified at that time, but this was paused by the States due to the pandemic.

The most recent update of the Government Work Plan (GWP), approved by the States in June 2022, includes an action to carry out a targeted review of IDP policies between 2023 and 2025. The GWP highlights that it is important that the DPA adopts a proportionate approach to its management of a carefully scoped and targeted review to ensure that it can conclude the work this political term, focusing on a targeted consideration of policies which are required to meet new strategy direction or government priorities.

  • Targeted examination of certain IDP policies

    • The island's housing needs, housing supply and the delivery of housing is the most pressing domestic issue which the States must tackle, and a Category 1 action in the GWP. The DPA has a statutory obligation to review housing land supply as well as employment land supply both of which were paused by the States in 2020. The scope of the examination of IDP policies is therefore focused on these two themes.
    • The scope does however also include a review of the effectiveness of policies relating to delivery of housing, an update to Areas of Biodiversity Importance (ABIs) designations, including necessary consultation, and a review of minor issues and clarifications which have been identified since the IDP was adopted relating to both the text of the IDP and the Proposals Map, so that the opportunity can be taken to make minor amendments to address these.  
    • Timeline
    • The process which must be followed to amend or otherwise change the policies in the IDP and obtain States approval are set out in the Planning Law and associated Ordinances and Regulations. An overview of the process is set out below that shows the times when representations from the public can be made. Research and drafting of amendments to the Plan will take place in 2023, the amended Plan will be published and consulted on in 2024, and in 2025, the States will debate the amended IDP and the report of the independent Planning Inspector who will oversee the Public Inquiry stage.
    • 2023
      • Research & evidence gathering
      • Drafting of Plan amendments
    • 2024
      • Publish draft Plan
      • Public Inquiry: Initial representations stage (representations can be made)
      • Public Inquiry: Further representations stage (representations can be made)
      • Public Inquiry: Hearings (reviewing representations made and issues raised)
      • Public Inquiry: Independent Planning Inspector's report received (Public Inquiry closes)
      • Draft Policy Letter  
    • 2025
      • States Debate (if the States Debate seeks material amendments, this will re-open the Public Inquiry before anything is decided) (representations can be made to Deputies at this stage)
      • Approved amended Island Development Plan
      • Implementation and monitoring of the approved amended Island Development Plan
  • A review of Planning Law, Ordinances and Regulations

    • Alongside the targeted examination of certain IDP policies, the DPA is reviewing the Planning Law, Ordinances and Regulations to identify options to streamline the process for amending the IDP in the future. The aim of the review is to ensure that the DPA can facilitate a more responsive and proportionate approach to changes required so that the IDP can respond to changes in Government priorities and changing demands as appropriate. This review work may also include looking at the frequency that Development Plans are reviewed and the potential to introduce different ways to make minor changes to the Development Plan. Further details on this project will be provided as this work progresses.
  • Call for Sites

    • A Call for Sites was undertaken between 11th September and 20th October 2023. The Call for Sites gave residents, landowners, developers and organisations an opportunity to suggest land in Guernsey which is available and suitable for development for housing or for offices, industry or storage and distribution. All sites will be consistently assessed using our pdf icon methodology [174kb] to determine their suitability and the results of the Call for Sites will feed into the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) and the Employment Land Study (ELS). In turn these studies will help inform the evidence base for the Focused Review of the Island Development Plan which will be subject to further public consultation and a Public Inquiry in 2024. The process and results of the SHLAA and the ELS will be made public as part of the Public Inquiry.
  • Review of Areas of Biodiversity Importance (ABI)

    • ABI designation acknowledges areas of land that contribute significantly to the Island's biodiversity but are not of such high importance to be designated as a Site of Special Significance.
    • A commitment was made during the IDP public Planning Inquiry hearings to re-survey and update some ABIs and to carry out island wide analysis to identify any additional ABIs. The necessary surveys and work has been carried out during 2019 and 2021 and therefore is included in the focused review to conclude the process and ensure the ABIs designations are as up to date as possible. The following reports contain a detailed assessment of the biodiversity of each ABI: 
    • pdf icon Review of Areas of Biodiversity Importance (Environment Guernsey, December 2019) [17Mb]
    • pdf icon Assessment proposed new Areas of Biodiversity Importance (Environment Guernsey, December 2021) [19Mb]
    • A map of the proposed additions, amendments and deletions can be viewed here [webmap]
    • We have prepared a Frequently Asked Questions sheet, which can be downloaded from pdf icon here [150kb]
    • A period of consultation was undertaken with stakeholders between 17th February, 2023 and 3rd April, 2023. All responses have now been collated and are under consideration. If any stakeholder was unable to respond within the designated timeframe, comments on our proposals may still be submitted and every effort will be made to take these into consideration if possible. Comments must be made in writing stating the name and address of the commentor. Anonymous comments cannot be considered. Email us at with 'ABI Review' in the subject line. Alternative, written comments can be posted to the Planning Service at Sir Charles Frossard House, La Charroterie, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1FH

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