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Primary Care Mental Health & Wellbeing Service (PCMHWS)

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The PCMHWS offers a stepped-care model of 'low' and 'high' intensity psychological services to adults of working age who present mild to moderate mental health challenges.

The service is commissioned by the Committee for Employment & Social Security, is run by the Committee for Health and Social Care (HSC), and is based on the UK Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) model. The service offers a range of interventions, according to the person's assessed need, including cognitive-behavioural therapy, guided self-help, workshops and other interventions.

Service interventions are structured and time limited in accordance with National Institute for Clinical Excellence Guidelines.  The primary aim of the service is to enable the individual to develop healthier coping strategies to improve their mood and self-manage their difficulties.

  • What do we offer?

    • We offer brief therapeutic interventions for people with anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer crisis support, risk management or longer term therapy.
    • Individual sessions: up to 6-8 sessions
      • Guided self help: uses CBT-based printed self-help material specific to current difficulties. Most structured & focussed. 4-6 sessions.
      • Counselling: offers space to explore thoughts and feelings, particularly about difficult current situations. Less structured than CBT, non-directive. 6-8 sessions.
      • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT): looks at links between thoughts, feelings and behaviours and making positive changes. More structured and focussed. 6-8 sessions. You may also be offered a single CBT assessment & intervention session.
    • Workshops, classes, courses: mostly CBT based. Most workshops are run every 2 months:
      • Stress & Worry workshop - 2 hour single workshop, early evening
      • CBT skills for Anxiety - 2.5 hour single workshop, Tuesday afternoon
      • The Decider Life Skills - 2.5 hour single workshop, Tuesday afternoon
      • The Mood Boost Course - two sessions Wednesday afternoons
      • Mindfulness taster sessions - two sessions run over two Tuesdays at 5 - 6pm
      • Low self esteem course - 2 hour single workshop on Monday afternoons
      • Assertiveness course - two sessions on Tuesday afternoons
    • Please see the short video clip to gain more information about the workshops we offer here.
    • The service is funded by Social Security, therefore data may be shared for research and service improvement purposes; however we do NOT disclose any details or nature of treatment undertaken. We will not share personal information about your treatment unless we have your permission to do so or we have to because of our duty of care to protect your health, safety and wellbeing and that of others.
  • What to expect

    • At the moment: When you see your GP, they will complete a referral form and give you a self assessment form which you should complete and return to us. We will then send you an email with details about the service. You will read the information, then contact us to either arrange a brief telephone assessment and/or let us know which workshops you would like to attend.
    • In the future: When we receive your completed self referral form, we will send you an email with details about the service. You will read the information, then contact us to either arrange a brief telephone assessment and/or let us know which workshops you would like to attend.
    • We will contact you to confirm details of your appointment (telephone or workshop).
    • After the brief telephone assessment, you and the therapist will agree what happens next - you may be offered workshops or an individual assessment appointment.
    • It is important that you commit to attend all planned sessions and to make the changes you need in order to live a more fulfilled life. If you are unable to attend your appointment, you must let us know. Failure to let us know may result in you being discharged. You can opt back into treatment at a later date, but you would need to consider whether you are ready to make the changes and commitment required.
  • How are we doing?

    • Examples of feedback from individual therapy and workshops:
    • Workshops
      • "This has been a very absorbing session which has really sunk in, in many ways I didn't expect it would."
      • "The workshop was engaging and thought provoking."
      • "I feel like I learnt a lot that I can use later. I was anxious to come at first but really enjoyed it."
      • "Very well put over, fun, appropriate, well thought out. Thank you."
      • "Why didn't I come earlier? Very useful. Thank you."
      • "Thank you very much for an entertaining and empowering afternoon."
      • "The workshop was brilliant and not at all what I expected."
      • "Very enjoyable course with a strong meaning that will help people in different walks of life and different problems."
    • Individual therapy
      • "My therapist has helped me so so much, they were very patient, caring and professional."
      • "The therapists at the Primary Care service are brilliant at what they do."
      • "Counselling was so helpful. It was such a relief to have someone alongside me."
      • "Therapy has been very helpful. It has made a big difference to me."
      • "I have learned some very effective strategies that I've been able to use in most situations."
  • How to contact us

    • Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm
    • Telephone: 01481 707744
    • Address: The Oberlands Centre, Rue Mignot, Princess Elizabeth Hospital, St Martins, GY4 6SP
    • Email:

You can find out more information about the service in our 'Primary Care - Welcome and Information' booklet, 'Primary Care Workshops Leaflet' and our 'Primary Care Helpful Links Leaflet', which are available in the downloads section on this page.

If you have any feedback on this webpage, e.g. how easy it was to find this information, what other information you would like access to or whether you found the page useful, please email:

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