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Reparative Care Team

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The Reparative Care Team aims to improve the emotional wellbeing of children not living with their birth parents by working directly with the child, their carers and any professionals in their lives in a therapeutic, trauma informed way to help make sense of the child's experience.

Additional to this group of children the team will be providing therapeutic services to children who have experienced child sexual abuse.

Some children who do not live in the care of their birth parents may have had a difficult start in life. The Reparative Care Team know that these early experiences can have a long lasting effect on the child and their family and therefore we work with you to understand the child's emotional and psychological needs to support recovery from developmental trauma.

The Reparative Care Team understands that each family's story is different and we provide individualised assessments of need to create the best support package for you and your family.

  • About Us

    • The team is made up of Therapists, Psychologists, Social Workers and Therapeutic Support Workers based in Children & Family Community Services.
    • The team provide direct support and therapeutic services to Looked After and Adopted children and their families. They also provide services for children whose carers are in receipt of a residence order allowance.
    • The team are also trained to deliver the NSPCC 'Letting the Future In' therapeutic programme for any child in Guernsey who has experienced child sexual abuse.
    • For more information on our service please see pdf icon Reparative Care Team Leaflet [124kb]
  • Our Services

    • Consultations, Training and Support to carers and professionals
    • The team are able to provide individual consultations in order to explore the needs of children who have been affected by developmental trauma.
    • A number of training programmes and support groups are also provided by the team which are accessible to professionals and carers of children not living with their birth parents.
    • Post Adoption and Birth Relative Support
    • The Reparative Care Team provides a range of adoption support services to adopted children, adopted adults, adoptive parents, birth parents and close relatives who have been affected by adoption.
    • Adoption Support includes any support likely to be needed for an adoptive placement to be as successful as possible. It is available to existing and new situations both pre and post Adoption Order.
    • For more information on this part of our service please see pdf icon Adoption Support Services Leaflet [161kb]
    • Therapeutic Services
    • Direct therapeutic services for children and young people can be provided to Looked after Children, Adopted children and children on a Residence Order.
    • Some of the direct therapeutic services include:
      • Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)
      • Dyadic Developmental Therapy (DDP)
      • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
      • Therapeutic Life Story Work
      • Art Psychotherapy
      • Play Therapy
      • Theraplay (coming in 2020)
      • NSPCC 'Letting the Future In' Child Sexual Abuse Programme
    • For more information on our individual therapeutic services please see the leaflets in the downloads section of this page

For further information you can contact the team on 01481 723182 or send us an email




Reparative Care Team Leaflet 2019 Annual Report Adoption Support Services Leaflet Art Psychotherapy Leaflet CBT Leaflet DDP Leaflet EMDR Leaflet Letting The Future In Leaflet Therapeutic Life Story Work Leaflet Letting The Future In Referral Form Reparative Care Team Referral Form Fair Processing Notice

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