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Scheduled bus services and school bus services to resume tomorrow despite some road closures

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Thursday 02 November 2023

Scheduled bus services and school bus services will resume on Friday 3rd November, however, some routes will be affected due to closed roads following the impact of Storm Ciarán.

The table below shows the roads which remain closed that will affect the scheduled bus services and school services:

Closed Road

Scheduled Services

School Services

Route de Jerbourg



Route de Sausmarez/Fort Road

91, 92,

93, 94,

95, N3

St Martins 3A, 3B

Beaucamp 2A, 3B

Les Varendes 4A

Route de St Andre (Flooding by Little Chapel)


71, N4

Forest 2A, 2B

La Houguette 2B

Beaucamp 4A, 6A, 4B, 6B

Les Varendes 5A, 5B

Route du Coudre and Route des Sage



La Houguette 1A, 1B,


Beaucamp 7A, 7B

Route de la Perelle (storm boards remain in place)


60, 61,

91, 92,


La Houguette 3B

Beaucamp 5A, 5B, 8A, 8B

LMDC 3A, 4A, 3B, 4B

Les Varendes 8A, 3B

Those who are impacted by the closures are asked to make alternative travel arrangements. These closures are in addition to planned road closures and diversions already in place, and in addition to numerous other storm related closed/obstructed roads, which do not directly impact bus routes.

The information is based on inspections and works carried out this afternoon. However, further roads may need to be closed or become obstructed overnight.

The storm saw a significant impact on the island's roads, with more than 100 roads blocked either partially or fully due to fallen trees and flooding. Despite the hard work of the Guernsey Fire and Rescue Service and tree surgeons, it is estimated that it will be two to three days before all roads are reopened. Priority has been given to opening major roads, school routes and bus routes.

Due to the storm, it has not been possible to provide road closed and warning signs at each road, therefore those who are using the roads are asked to take caution when travelling over the next few days and to continue to check to see which roads are impacted.

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