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Publication of the Substance Use Strategy 2022 Annual report

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Wednesday 31 May 2023

The Combined Substance Use Strategy 2022 Annual Report has today been published and is on track to achieve its aims by 2026. This marks the first report since the new strategy was approved.

The 'Combined Substance Use Strategy 2021-2026' was approved by the Committee for Health & Social Care in 2021. This replaced the Drug and Alcohol Strategy and marks the second strategy to take a health-based approach to substance use and misuse. The Combined Substance Use Strategy was the first to combine tobacco, alcohol and drugs into a single strategy.

There are three main strategic outcomes which are to:

Operational delivery of many areas of the strategy are managed by Public Health's close partner, the Health Improvement Commission (HIC), who in 2018 took over operational responsibility for the Healthy Weight, Tobacco Control and Drug and Alcohol Strategies. As well as their work as a commissioning body, the Health Improvement Commission delivers initiatives, fund community-led projects and services, develop and implement campaigns, develop resources, and provide education, advocate for health, support workforce development and training and advise on policy. Alongside this, Public Health lead on treaties, legislation and policy.

The implementation of the Strategy is overseen by the Substance Use Technical Team, a multidisciplinary group which includes representatives from Public Health, the Health Improvement Commission, Pharmacy, Mental Health Services, Primary Care, Bailiwick Law Enforcement, and a member of the public who is an expert by experience.

Dr Nicola Brink, Director of Public Health said

'Public Health has worked in close partnership with the Health Improvement Commission and other partners who make up the Technical Team to deliver the Strategy and we look forward to continuing this close working relationship as we implement the strategic aims of the Strategy.'

Andrea Nightingale, Substance Use Lead for the Health Improvement Commission said:

'This Strategy is very much focussed on prevention and early intervention integrated into effective treatment services, ensuring they are person centred and trauma informed.

The close partnership working with Public Health enables the Strategy to concentrate on the operational delivery whilst Public Health ensures the wider determinants of health are considered through legislation and policies.

We are also very grateful to our commissioned services in the community; In-Dependence and Action for Children, as well as the Community Drug and Alcohol Team who provide a range of support to people who live with substance use dependence as well as affected family members.' 

Highlights from the annual report include:

The full report and annual reports from commissioned services can be accessed via

The Substance Use Strategy (2021-2026) can be accessed via:

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