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Feedback on proposed Al Fresco Zones and General Conditions of Permit

Dix Neuf Al Fresco dining

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Thank you for interest in the al fresco consultation. The consultation period is now closed. Finalised Al Fresco Zones and General Conditions of Permit will be published as part of the launch of the new al fresco permit applications process in mid-November 2022.

The purpose of this consultation was to receive feedback on proposed new al fresco zones and conditions of al fresco permits. This follows approval by the States of an amendment ordinance to al fresco legislation and aims to improve the al fresco permit process for applicants.

Maps showing the proposed al fresco zone areas are available in the downloads section of this page, together with the proposed General Conditions of the Al Fresco Permit.


The Public Highways (Temporary Closure) (Amendment) Ordinance 2022 ('Amendment Ordinance') has been introduced to facilitate a simpler, faster, and less expensive applications process for the operation of al fresco dining on the public highway by eateries and establishments.

Under the Amendment Ordinance, any application for the operation of al fresco in areas within designated al fresco zone areas ('zones') may apply to the Traffic & Highway Services department (acting on behalf of the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure) for an al fresco Permit, rather than apply to the Royal Court for an al fresco Licence.

The Amendment Ordinance includes:

Al Fresco Zones

Proposed al fresco zones have been defined across areas of the public highway and public land.

Proposed al fresco locations incorporate sections of the public highway that are currently in use, such as public car parks. This is to take account of any potential change of use of these areas following, for example, enhancement of the eastern seaboard as part of any future seafront development plans (e.g. pedestrianisation) but currently there are no such plans in place.

These areas will NOT be available for al fresco whilst under their current use.

To confirm, public car parks will not be available for al fresco at this present time.

Please note, al fresco Permits and Licences are NOT required for areas of privately-owned land and these areas fall outside the auspices of this consultation.

General Conditions of Al Fresco Permits

Any al fresco permits issued will be subject to the proposed General Conditions. These Conditions are to ensure that al fresco is operated safely, legally and not to the detriment of the general public. Please note, under the Public Highways Temporary Closure (Amendment) Ordinance 2022, the Traffic & Highways Services department, acting on behalf of the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure, have the powers to add additional conditions to individual permits and / or to amend these.


Proposed al fresco zones - The Bridge Proposed al fresco zones - St Peter Port Proposed al fresco conditions

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