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Population Management

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Friday 10 May 2013

At its June meeting the States of Deliberation will debate the latest - and probably most significant - States Report about how the size and make-up of the Island's population might be managed in the future.

The Policy Council's report will be debated at the June States meeting when States Members will be asked to vote on 45 separate recommendations which will shape the new population management regime.

Chief Minister, Deputy Peter Harwood, said,

"There is no doubt that this will be an interesting and complex debate because this subject covers such a broad range of issues."

"Whether someone was born here, or whether they want to move to Guernsey for economic reasons or to be near to family, we need to have clear policies in place which manage their ability to live in Guernsey and the length and purpose of their stay."

"This all needs to be done in a way that will benefit the community as a whole - maintaining Guernsey's unique character and environment, while ensuring that the Island remains an attractive place to live and work, with a buoyant and diverse economy."

Housing Minister, Deputy Dave Jones, who has been a member of various policy groups looking at this subject over the years, added,

"The Policy Council accepts that whatever regime is designed and implemented by the States, it is likely that different parts of the proposals might not be welcomed by some individuals. Some compromise will be needed if a workable, sustainable and flexible regime is to get off the ground. These new proposals give us pragmatic solutions that are in the best interests of the Island as a whole."

The recommendations in the report range from deciding how long somebody needs to live in Local Market accommodation before they can become an Established Resident or Permanent Resident, through to whether everyone coming to live in Guernsey in the future should have their criminal convictions checked.

The report also includes recommendations which, if approved, will secure the future of the Open Market and remove the recent uncertainty in this sector. Chief Minister, Deputy Peter Harwood, said "These proposals provide for the continued operation of the Open Market largely along historic lines, where family residences predominate. However they also address the issues surrounding properties being used for the multiple occupancy of unrelated people - recognising the added value that this kind of accommodation can deliver - but providing a way to ensure that this sub-sector of the market is managed such that it doesn't grow in an uncontrolled way."

Contact details:

Natasha Keys

Tel: 01481 717000


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