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Health and Social Services Department Management Team

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Tuesday 28 January 2014

Response to media enquiry from the Guernsey Press

Guernsey Press Enquiry:

Could HSSD confirm that Dr Stephen Bridgman had originally been in charge/led the bowel cancer screening programme?

Is it correct that he is no longer in charge? If so, who is now leading the screening programme?

I also understand that as director of public health, Dr Bridgman's number two is Val Cameron. However, we have been told that Mrs Cameron no longer reports to Dr Bridgman and instead reports to Richard Evans. Could the department confirm whether this is true?

Completely separately, we understand that  HSSD's Finance Director, Tom Neidrum, resigned last week. Could the department confirm whether this is true and how he will be replaced? Were any reasons given for his resignation?

Additionally we have heard that Director of Health & Social Services, Jacqui Gallienne was relieved of her responsibility at the hospital and has been replaced in that role by Clive Walsh. Could you again confirm whether this is true and provide the reasoning behind this decision?

Health & Social Services Department Response:

A spokesperson for HSSD said:

"The Health and Social Services Department has recently reviewed the roles and responsibilities of members of its senior management team in order to ensure that the work of the organisation is distributed amongst directors to take best advantage of their expertise. Director of Strategy and Commissioning, Clive Walsh has considerable experience in dealing with acute hospital services. Jacqui Gallienne Director of Health, Social Care & Nursing, who was temporarily assigned responsibilities associated with the running of the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, is therefore able to resume her substantive role covering mental health and wellbeing, community, disability and children and maternity services which she has considerable experience in managing. She will also continue to perform the function of Chief Nurse across HSSD.

Val Cameron is the Director of Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation and performs a statutory role, independent in law. The way that this post links into the Health and Social Services Department was reviewed during 2013.The decision was taken at that time for the reporting of  HSSD duties to be to Richard Evans, the Deputy Chief Officer, in his role as Director of Corporate Services.

As shown in the recently-published report, the Bowel Cancer Screening Service is currently in a transitional phase, during which it will remain under the oversight of the team established to bring the findings of the review together, which is led by the Deputy Chief Officer. This team includes Dr Bridgman, who advises on the public health elements of the bowel screening programme.

The Director of Finance and Performance, Tom Niedrum has recently been appointed to a post in a large UK teaching hospital. This enables him to rejoin his family who returned to the UK towards the end of last year. He will leave HSSD in early April, after he has worked out his notice period."


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