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New law to ensure duty payable on all real property transfers
Wednesday 18 October 2017

Royal Sanction has been granted in respect of the Document Duty (Guernsey) Law, 2017 and the Document Duty (Anti-Avoidance) (Guernsey) Law, 2017.

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From Star Wars to ghost tours
Monday 16 October 2017

There is a supernatural theme to October half term at Guernsey Museums this year.

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Asian hornet nest found near the Longfrie Inn
Friday 13 October 2017

An Asian hornet nest has been found today near the Longfrie Inn in St Peter's.

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Intergovernmental agreements (FATCA)

Contact Us - Income Tax Exchange of Information

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Agreement withSigned onIn force with effect from

pdf icon United Kingdom [390kb]

pdf icon United Kingdom - Annex II and III update [175kb]

22 October 2013


29 July 2014


pdf icon USA [389kb]

pdf icon USA Competent Authority Arrangement [632kb]

13 December 2013

9 & 14 October 2015



United Kingdom Agreement updates

Guernsey is committed to the adoption of the global Common Reporting Standard on Automatic Exchange of Information ("the CRS")  with effect from 1 January 2016, with first reporting taking place in 2017.  Guernsey is one of approximately 60 jurisdictions working to this implementation timetable, including all EU Member States (with the exception of Austria, which will have an extra year before implementation of the CRS).

The UK has indicated that it would wish to move from the existing intergovernmental agreement ("the UK IGA") that it has with Guernsey (and the other Crown Dependencies and the Overseas Territories) to the CRS, as from 1 January 2016.

A number of options exist for how the transition could be achieved, to satisfy the UK's wish to ensure that no "gaps" occurred in the data that would have been reported under the UK IGA for 2016 but which may not be reported  under the CRS until 2018. After consultation with Guernsey Financial Institutions, it has been agreed with the UK that for 2016 the CRS reporting requirements should be supplemented by the provision of information on pre-existing individual low value accounts and pre-existing entity accounts in respect of UK residents.  This means that the UK can receive 2016 calendar year information in 2017 solely under the CRS, thus avoiding any need for Guernsey Financial Institutions having to make separate (and possibly duplicate) returns under both the UK IGA and the CRS. I should make it clear that the intention is that due diligence already undertaken on UK reportable accounts for the purposes of the UK IGA will not need to be repeated  for the CRS.

The CRS does not provide for any special arrangements, such as the Alternative Reporting Regime ("the ARR", for "Non-Doms") which exists under the IGA. As a result of the adoption of the CRS from 1 January 2016, reporting of 2016 data for all relevant UK accounts will be required in 2017 including all UK non-domiciled account holders.  The ARR will therefore be available only under the UK IGA, and for 2014 and 2015 only.

We will be consulting with our legal advisers regarding the steps required to achieve this transition. Further guidance will be issued, as necessary.

United States of America Agreement updates

Please see the media release dated 12 June 2014 regarding notification of effective dates for the US Agreement.

An agreement between the Competent Authorities was signed on 9 October 2015 (by Guernsey) and 14 October 2015 (by the USA).

General updates

Registration for reporting obligations under the UK-Guernsey IGA is now live on IGOR. This relates to both standard reporting under Article 2 of the UK-Guernsey IGA and also under the Alternative Reporting Regime.


Anyone having other technical issues relating to the submission of reports, should check the IGOR Forum and post questions if necessary. This can be found by following the link below:

A new tool has been created by Digimap in order to help technical personnel quickly understand the technical requirements of FATCA XML reporting. This is now available at:

Intergovernmental Agreements (FATCA) - Guidance Notes

pdf icon Guidance Notes v.1 (31 January 2014) [1000kb] 
pdf icon Guidance Notes v.2 (1 April 2014) [1Mb]pdf icon Guidance Notes v.2 (tracked) [1Mb]
pdf icon Guidance Notes v.3 (28 July 2014) [1Mb]pdf icon Guidance Notes v.3 (tracked) [1Mb]
pdf icon Guidance Notes v.4 (15 December 2014) [1Mb]pdf icon Guidance Notes v.4 (tracked) [1Mb]
pdf icon Guidance Notes v.5 (30 April 2015) [1Mb]pdf icon Guidance Notes V.5 (tracked) [1Mb]



pdf icon Bulletin 2014/1 - Notification of changes [164kb]

pdf icon Bulletin 2015/1 - IGOR registration [290kb]

pdf icon Bulletin 2015/2 - Updated Scheme Reporting Guide for IGOR [114kb]

pdf icon Bulletin 2015/3 - Guidance Notes [156kb]

pdf icon Bulletin 2015/4 - Filing deadline and ARR [88kb]

pdf icon Bulletin 2015/5 - Schema Update & IGOR retractions [200kb]

pdf icon Bulletin 2015/6 - FATCA Submission Update [129kb]

pdf icon Bulletin 2015/7 - Secondary Market [258kb]

pdf icon Bulletin 2015/8 - CRS Regulation PEA date correction [144kb]

pdf icon Bulletin 2016/1 - Repeal of EU Savings Directive [149kb]

pdf icon Bulletin 2016/2 - Participating and Reportable Jurisdictions [235kb]

pdf icon Bulletin 2016/3 - Notice issued for US IGA and UK IGA registration and reporting [323kb]

pdf icon Bulletin 2016/4 - Undocumented Accounts and Reminder [368kb]

pdf icon Bulletin 2016/5 - Treatment of Sponsors for IGOR [308kb]

pdf icon Bulletin 2016/6 - IE Definition [348kb]

pdf icon Bulletin 2016/7 - Extension for US and UK IGAs [181kb]

pdf icon Bulletin 2016/8 - FATCA Schema and IGOR [260kb]

pdf icon Bulletin 2016/9 - Domestic Reporting of Interest [246kb]

pdf icon Bulletin 2017/2 Notice issued for US IGA and CRS registration and reporting [296kb]

pdf icon Bulletin 2017/4 2016 Reporting Deadlines [252kb]

pdf icon Bulletin 2017/5 - Reporting Status for Pension Schemes (new version) [299kb]


The Income Tax (Approved International Agreements) (Implementation) (United Kingdom and United States of America) Regulations, 2014 The Income Tax (Approved International Agreements) (Implementation) (United Kingdom and United States of America) (Amendment) Regulations, 2015 Data Protection Statement for IGOR

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