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Home Affairs response to Economic Development policy letter
Thursday 19 October 2017

Statement from Deputy Mary Lowe, President of the Committee for Home Affairs.

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Committee for Economic Development proposes changes to the Population Management Law in response to hospitality sector concerns
Thursday 19 October 2017

In response to the introduction of the Population Management Law earlier this year, the Committee for Economic Development has been approached by a number of representatives acting on behalf of the hospitality sector expressing their concerns with certain aspects of the recently enacted Law.

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Préfet of Brittany makes first visit to the Channel Islands
Thursday 19 October 2017

The Préfet of Brittany, Mr Christophe Mirmand, visited Jersey today, Thursday 19 October, to meet representatives from the Governments of Guernsey and Jersey, as part of the growing relationship between the Islands and the Brittany region.

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weather iconFair periods and isolated showers.
5 day forecastTide timetables
weather iconFair periods and isolated showers.
5 day forecastTide timetables


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General Situation

At 7pm, low, 988mb 100 miles west of Cardiff, expected to move northeast with its associated fronts crossing the Channel this evening. Deep low, mid-Atlantic, expected to move northeast to be over Ireland Saturday morning.

Forecast from 1am Friday to 1am Saturday.

Weather: Isolated showers until morning. Rain spreading in from the west late afternoon, perhaps heavy at times.

Wind: Southwest to west 7 to gale 8, perhaps severe gale 9 mid-Channel, with gusts to 55kt, gradually decreasing to be 4 to 6 by noon, backing south in the afternoon, increasing 6 to 7 by evening, perhaps gale 8 at times, veering southwest by Saturday.

Visibility: Moderate to good, occasionally poor, becoming poor by evening.

Sea state: Rough to very rough, decreasing rather rough to rough by noon.

Sea swell: Confused with total waves 10 to 18 feet, decreasing 8 to 10 feet.

Sea temperature: 16

Outlook from 1am Saturday to 1am Sunday.

Weather: Any rain soon clearing, then scattered squally showers developing.

Wind: Southwesterly 5 to 6, perhaps occasionally 7, increasing 7 to gale 8 by dawn, locally severe gale 9 with gusts to 60kt, veering westerly in the afternoon.

Visibility: Moderate to good, occasionally poor.

Sea state: Rather rough to rough, increasing very rough to high through the morning.

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