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States Meeting on 26th March, 2003 (Billet: IV)


Billet IV (States Meeting 26th March 2003) Resolutions, Billet IV, Made On 26th, 27th And 28th March 2003

At each meeting, a variety of topics are discussed. The articles on the agenda for the meeting starting on Wednesday 26th March, 2003 are listed on this page. Please note, not all documents are available electronically at present but will be added as time allows. Paper copies of Voting Records and any Billets and Resolutions missing from this page are available at the Greffe.

Billet d' État IV


1. Guernsey Social Security Authority - Benefit Payments under Long-term Care Insurance Law - Exemption from Income Tax, p. 483

2. States Sea Fisheries Committee - Implementing a Fishing Vessel Licensing Regime for the Bailiwick of Guernsey, p. 485

3. Projet de Loi entitled "The Reform (Guernsey) (Amendment) Law, 2003", p. 497

4. Projet de Loi entitled "The Matrimonial Causes (Guernsey) (Amendment) Law, 2003, p. 497

5. The Control of Borrowing (Bailiwick of Guernsey) (Amendment) Ordinance, 2002, p. 497

6. The Feudal Dues (General Abolition of Congé) (Guernsey) Law, 2002 (Commencement) Ordinance, 2003, p. 497

7. The Document Duty Ordinance, 2003, p. 498

8. The Long-term Care Insurance (Guernsey) (Rates and Transitional Provisions) Ordinance, 2003, p. 498

9. The Supplementary Benefit (Implementation) (Amendment) Ordinance, 2003, p. 498

10. Projet de Loi entitled "The Financial Services Commission (Bailiwick of Guernsey) (Amendment) Law, 2003, p. 498.

11. Projet de Loi entitled "The Regulation of Fiduciaries, Administration Businesses and Company Directors, etc. (Bailiwick of Guernsey) (Amendment) Law, 2003", p. 499

12. Projet de Loi entitled "The Banking Supervision (Bailiwick of Guernsey) (Amendment) Law, 2003", p. 499

13. Projet de Loi entitled "The Protection of Investors (Bailiwick of Guernsey) (Amendment) (No.2) Law, 2003, p. 499

14. States Board of Administration - Airport Fees and Charges 2003, p. 500

15. States Board of Administration - St. Sampson's Marina Tender Selection, p. 517

16. States Board of Administration - Parking in St. Peter Port and Quayside Enhancement, p. 528

17. States Housing Authority - Review of the Rent and Rebate Schemes, p. 594

18. States Housing Authority - Annual Review of States House Rents and Rebates, p. 643

19. States Income Tax Authority - Income Tax Law and Human Rights, p. 657

20. States Recreation Committee - The Formation of a Guernsey Sports Commission, p. 663

21. States Traffic Committee - Integrated Road Transport Strategy, p. 676


The Boarding Permits Fees Order, 2003, p. 725

The Health Service (Pharmaceutical Benefit) (Restricted Substances) (Amendment) Regulations, 2003, p. 725


I. States Education Council - St. Mary and St. Michael Primary School: Validation Report, p. 726

II. States Overseas Aid Committee - Annual Report, 2002, p. 734


Billet IV (States Meeting 26th March 2003) Resolutions, Billet IV, Made On 26th, 27th And 28th March 2003
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