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States Meeting on 23rd February, 2000 (Billet: VI)


Billet VI (States Meeting 23rd February 2000)

At each meeting, a variety of topics are discussed. The articles on the agenda for the meeting starting on Wednesday 23rd February, 2000 are listed on this page. Please note, not all documents are available electronically at present but will be added as time allows. Paper copies of Voting Records and any Billets and Resolutions missing from this page are available at the Greffe.

Billet d'Etat VI


1. Projet de Loi entitled "The Motor Taxation and Licensing (Guernsey) (Amendment) Law, 2000", p. 311

2. The Electoral Expenditure Ordinance, 2000, p. 311

3. States Board of Industry Industrial Disputes Officer, p. 312

4. States Advisory and Finance Committee - Liability for Damage caused by Animals, p.314

5. States Advisory and Finance Committee - Legislation to Facilitate Electronic Commerce, p. 323

6. States Traffic Committee - Review of Vehicle Registration and Licensing Laws, p. 334

7. States Housing Authority - Annual Review of States House Rents and Rebates, p. 367


The Boarding Permit Fees Order, 1999, p. 381.


I States Education Council - The Ladies' College -~Annual Report 1998/99, p. 1

II States Advisory and Finance Committee - Index of Retail Prices at 31st December, 1999, p. 10


Billet VI (States Meeting 23rd February 2000)
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