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States Meeting on 29th November, 2000 (Billets: XXII, XXIII)


Billet XXII (States Meeting 29th November 2000) Billet XXIII (States Meeting 29th November 2000)

At each meeting, a variety of topics are discussed. The articles on the agenda for the meeting starting on Wednesday 29th November, 2000 are listed on this page. Please note, not all documents are available electronically at present but will be added as time allows. Paper copies of Voting Records and any Billets and Resolutions missing from this page are available at the Greffe.

Billet d' État XXII

States Board of Administration - Guernsey Airport - Redevelopment of Terminal Building

Billet d' État XXIII


1. States Advisory and Finance Committee - Regulation of Fiduciaries, Administration Businesses and Company Directors, P. 1335

2. Projet de Loi entitled "The Video Recordings (Guernsey) Law, 2000, p. 1341

3. The Vehicular Traffic (Control of Parking on Certain States Land) (Amendment) Ordinance, 2000, P. 1341

4. The Supplementary Benefit (Duties of Appointees) Ordinance, 2000, p. 1341

5. The Family Allowances Ordinance, p. 1342

6. The Health Service (Benefit) (Amendment) Ordinance, 2000, p. 1342

7. The Attendance and Invalid Care Allowances Ordinance, 2000, p. 1342

8. The Social Insurance (Rates of Contributions and Benefits etc) Ordinance, 2000, p. 1342

9. The Supplementary Benefit (Implementation) (Amendment) (No. 2) Ordinance, 2000, p. 1342

10. The Central Outdoor Assistance Board Regulations (Amendment) Ordinance, 2000. p. 1343

11. The Census Ordinance, 2000. p. 1343

12. The Electronic Transactions (Guernsey) Law, 2000 (Commencement) (No. 2) Ordinance, 2000. p. 1343

13. Island Development Committee - New Member. P. 1344

14. States Legislation Committee - New Member. p. 1344

15. Elizabeth College Board of Directors - New Member. P. 1344

16. States Board of Administration - Mooring Charges and Standing Charges 2001 and 2002. p. 1345

17. States Housing Authority - Development at Route de Carteret, Castel. P. 1357

18. States Recreation Committee - The Future Funding of Beau Sejour Centre. P. 1361

19. Proposition in Pursuance of Rule 12 (8) of the Rules of Procedure - Opening of General Off-Licences on a Sunday. p. 1414


1. Sates Advisory and Finance Committee - States Audit Commission: Strategic Business Plan. p. I

2. States Advisory and Finance Committee - Index of Retail Prices as at 30th September, 2000. p. 19

3. States Civil Service Board - States of Guernsey Public Servants' Pension Scheme: 2001 Pensions Increase. p. 21

4. States Education Council - La Houguette Primary School - Validation Report. p. 23


Billet XXII (States Meeting 29th November 2000) Billet XXIII (States Meeting 29th November 2000)
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