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Cadastre FAQs

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  • What is a TRP unit?

    • 1 square metre of built property or 50 square metres of land = 1 TRP unit
  • Does how I use my property affect how much I pay?

    • Yes it does. When property is measured for size, the TRP surveyor will also record what your property is used for and apply an appropriate property reference. Different property references carry different tariffs.
  • Who decides the TRP tariffs?

    • TRP tariffs are not decided by Cadastre. They are debated and agreed by the States of Deliberation as part of the annual budget review.
  • Does the number of bathrooms and radiators in my property still affect the TRP unit value?

    • No. These details were relevant under the 1947 Tax on Rateable Value (TRV) system but this is no longer the case under TRP.
  • An Estate Agent has advertised my property with a TRP unit value which is lower than the total on my TRP invoice. Why is this?

    • Estate Agents will refer to the "domestic TRP" of your property, which is a factor used by Population Management when issuing housing certificates.
  • My property has changed. Do I need to inform Cadastre?

    • Yes. If you are a property owner (or the agent or guardian of the owner) or any life tenant, you are legally obliged to inform Cadastre of any changes affecting the size, usage or ownership of that property.
  • Is there a deadline date for informing Cadastre of changes to property?

    • Yes. Any changes you make to your property in a calendar year must be notified in writing, or electronically, to Cadastre by 31st December of that year. These changes will appear on your TRP invoice for the following year.
  • Can I pay TRP by Direct Debit?

    • Yes, you can. Direct Debits are collected as 10 monthly instalments starting in March and finishing in December. To arrange a Direct Debit please contact us
  • When can I expect my TRP invoice?

    • Invoices are issued annually in March.
  • What period does my TRP invoice cover?

    • Your annual invoice covers the calendar year, 1st January to 31st December.
  • Who is responsible for paying TRP?

    • TRP is the liability of the property owner but anyone can pay on their behalf. The property owner as of the 1st January is liable to pay any charges incurred during that calendar year.
  • What if I sell my property during the year? Am I still liable to pay the TRP charges?

    • Yes you are. The property owner as of the 1st January is liable to pay any charges incurred during that calendar year but your advocate may make separate arrangements to apportion these charges on your behalf. If you are in the process of selling or buying property we recommend that you discuss the issue of TRP charges with your advocate or legal representative.
  • My TRP assessment includes the description "Domestic Usage". What does this mean?

    • Buildings come in all shapes and sizes and not all properties are a single uniform shape and number of floors. The process of measuring property from the exterior means that the various "parts" of your property must be measured, and described, separately. For example, the main section of a two storey house would be described as "Domestic Property", but if that house also included an attached single storey section it would be described separately as "Domestic Usage".
  • Do I need to inform the Cadastre if my marital status changes?

    • Yes. You will need to confirm these details in writing and provide us with a copy of your marriage certificate.
  • I have inherited a property. Will Cadastre be notified automatically?

    • Not necessarily. Cadastre is more likely to be notified of an inheritance by an Advocate if a Will has been registered. If there is no Will and the property has been inherited intestate, it is the responsibility of the heir(s) to inform Cadastre of the change. In either case we would advise that you contact us to confirm the details and specify a postal address for any future correspondence.
  • Is Cadastre still responsible for Rent Control?

    • No. Rent Control is now administered by the States of Guernsey Housing Department. More information can be found here.
  • I want to change my postal address details. Can I do this over the phone?

    • No. We do need confirmation in writing, or electronically, to be sure any correspondence we issue reaches you. You can also inform all States of Guernsey services of a change of address in one go here

If your query is not included here please contact us.

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