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Mutual agreement procedures

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pdf icon Australia [22kb]

pdf icon Denmark (in force w.e.f. 4 November 2009) [16kb]

pdf icon Faroes (in force w.e.f. 15 January 2010) [26kb]

pdf icon Finland (in force w.e.f. 11 November 2009) [17kb]

pdf icon Finland Protocol (signed 3 & 24 April 2020 - NOT YET IN FORCE) [1Mb]

pdf icon Greenland (in force w.e.f. 19 November 2009) [26kb]

pdf icon Iceland (in force w.e.f. 26 November 2009) [16kb]

pdf icon Ireland [35kb]

pdf icon Netherlands (in force w.e.f. 5 November 2009) [21kb]

pdf icon Norway (in force w.e.f. 5 November 2009) [17kb]

pdf icon Sweden (in force w.e.f. 23 December 2009) [16kb]

pdf icon United Kingdom [16kb] (this has been superseded by the DTA signed with the UK in 2018)


Guidelines for requesting Mutual Agreement Procedure assistance in Guernsey Guernsey Competent Authority Details

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