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Guernsey Museums & Galleries

Contact Us - Guernsey Museums & Galleries (Culture & Leisure)

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Our island has a rich and varied heritage. Guernsey Museums & Galleries is responsible for the care of many of our historic sites, housing a large collection of artifacts from the island and from around the world and retelling their stories in museums, literature and outreach activities.

  • Guernsey Museum at Candie

    • Set in the magnificent Candie Gardens in the heart of St Peter Port with views across the other islands in the Bailiwick stands the Guernsey Museum & Art Gallery. Discover more about our island history, immerse yourself in art collected and inspired by the island and relax in the warm atmosphere created by such a charming setting. A souvenir shop sells a range of books and gifts and a cafe built into the original bandstand will complete your visit. Check the museum website for details of temporary exhibitions and special events in our rolling programme throughout the year.
  • Castle Cornet

    • The jewel in Guernsey's crown; an 800 year old castle standing proudly at the mouth of St Peter Port harbour, it has withstood war, tempest, revolution and invasion. Extended and rebuilt many times over the centuries, the castle is a maze of walkways, tunnels, bunkers and secret gardens with five museums housed in the buildings covering the history of the castle plus maritime, military history and the RAF 201 squadron. Check the museum website for more details on admission, tours, Living History and special events.
  • Fort Grey Shipwreck Museum

    • The Martello Tower was built in 1804 to help defend Guernsey against the French and when it was converted into a Shipwreck museum in 1976, it became one of our most unique and interesting tourist attractions. The timbers from Guernsey's Roman Ship are also housed temporarily across the road at Guernsey Pearl. Check the museum website for details on admission, facilities and special events. 
  • Historic Sites

    • Guernsey Museum cares for over 70 historic sites from Neolithic tombs that are 6,000 years old through to German fortifications built during the Second World war
  • Commercial Hire

    • Some of our sites can be hired for private events and functions and offer a unique and interesting backdrop that will impress your clients or add a dramatic flair to that special day. For more information, contact Visitor Services on 01481 747265 or email






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