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Inter-island passenger only ferry services - full tender launched
Friday 15 December 2017

The governments of Guernsey and Jersey have today launched an open tender process to identify and select the operator of a new passenger-only ferry service between the islands.

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Last Chance to See Science Fiction Exhibitions at Candie
Thursday 14 December 2017

Guernsey Museum's science fiction exhibition 'Engage Warp Drive' will be closing on December 31st. New Year's Eve will also be the final day for 'Warp 2', featuring futuristic artworks by Chris Foss in the greenhouse gallery. Both have proved highly popular this autumn.

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Channel Islands Christmas Lottery First Prize Update
Wednesday 13 December 2017

The guaranteed first prize in this year's Channel Islands Christmas Lottery has now risen to £950,000.

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weather iconRather cloudy with isolated showers. Occasional rain or drizzle by mid afternoon, with mist or fog patches later this evening, clearing by dawn on Monday.
5 day forecastTide timetables


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Construction (HSE guidance)

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Construction and building work is by its very nature a high-risk occupation. Persons involved in this sector have to work in arduous conditions, often exposed to the elements, in a constantly changing workplace, which is taking form and shape as a result of their activities.

  • Construction Approved Code of Practice

    • On the 11th July 1996, the Code of Practice entitled, 'The Organisation and Management of Health and Safety in Construction', was approved.  This Code was written in response to the construction industries request for clarification of the duties required of them by the Health and Safety at Work (General) (Guernsey) Ordinance, 1987.
    • In common with the UK Construction, Design and Management Regulations, the Code recognises that the client, architect, principal contractor and his sub-contractors, all have a part to play in ensuring the safety of a development.
    • Sound risk assessment and safety planning is the key to managing this process.
    • An example of subjects covered by the Approved Code of Practice include asbestos, confined spaces, demolition, excavation and steel erection
    • There are a total of twenty eight specific standards included to cover most construction activities.
  • Notification of Project

    • This form can be used to notify any project covered by the approved Code of Practice entitled: The Organisation and Management of Health and Safety in Construction, Part I Section 3.  The Principal Contractor is required to give the Health & Safety Executive 14 days' notice of all construction works on projects
    • a.     Where the number of persons working on site (whether it be employees, subcontractors or self- employed contractors) exceeds 5 and the duration of the contract is more than 30 days.
    • b.     If the work involves demolition or dismantling of a structure regardless of duration or numbers on site.
    • c.     Where work is of short duration but is expected to involve at least 500 man-days of input.
    • The form should be completed and sent to the HSE office covering the site where construction / demolition work is to take place.  You should send it as soon as possible after the safety co-ordinator is appointed to the project.
  • Passport to Safety

    • It is not yet a legal requirement for construction workers to be 'ticketed' to work in Guernsey.  They do however have to be able to prove their competency to their employer.
    • The aim is for the Passport to Safety (Guernsey's equivalent to CSCS) ticket to become a legal requirement in the future.
    • Likewise, Supervisors do not have to hold 'tickets' but prove that they are competent to do the job, either through experience or other qualification, and for their employer to be confident that they can undertake the role.


F10 Notification of Project Health and Safety at Work (General) (Guernsey) Ordinance 1987 as amended - version May 2016 The Organisation and Management of Health & Safety in Construction 5 steps to risk assessment

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