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Petroleum safety (HSE guidance)

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Petroleum Products which are highly flammable liquids are regulated by the Loi Relative aux Huiles ou Essences Minerales ou Autre Substances de la Meme Nature, 1924

  • This would include not only petroleum spirits used as a fuel for motor cars / cycles etc. but other petroleum products of a similar nature and flash point.

    • Flashpoint:: ie. the minimum temperature at which a liquid, under specific test conditions, gives off sufficient flammable vapour to ignite momentarily on the application of an ignition source.
    • Some of those products include: Aviation Fuel; Toluene & Xylene.
  • Is it always necessary, and does everyone need to have a licence?

    • The answer is 'no' in the following cases:
      • for domestic use, in an inhabited house or in a room directly communicating with an inhabited house; in quantities not exceeding two gallons.  That is provided that the oil is kept in hermetically-sealed vessels.
      • For commercial, professional and private or machine use but not for sale; the quantity should not exceed 10 gallons and should conform with any regulations prescribed by the Royal Court.
      • In motor-car, motor-cycle, motor-lorry and stationary-engine tanks adapted to the use of Inflammable Oils.
      • For use, other than for sale, in quantities not exceeding 25 gallons.  These oils must be kept in hermetically-sealed vessels and in a building used exclusively for this storage.  This building must be situated not less than 20 feet from any other building.
  • Loi Relative aux Huiles ou Essences Minerales ou Autre Substances de la Meme Nature, 1924

    • Applications to keep or store petroleum spirit in excess of certain minimum quantities are subject to Article II of the above Law.  Persons wishing to apply for a licence should complete sections 1, 2 and 4 of the Application Form— Order in Council 1925 Act II.
    • No material alteration or addition shall be made to any licensed store or premises without authorisation — Ordinance of the Royal Court, XX 1934, 10(1)(a).  Applications for permission to alter supply licensed premises should be made by completing sections 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Application Form.
    • Persons who are responsible for the safe storage of petroleum spirit under an existing licence may not transfer responsibility to another person until authorised to do so — Order in Council, II 1925; Act II (7).  Requests for a transfer of licence should be made by completing sections 1 and 4 of the Application Form.
  • Licensee Controlled Deliveries - Petroleum Delivery Form

    • Both the site operator and the tanker driver must complete this form before any delivery into the storage tank commences.
    • Available for download.


Petroleum Application to Store Petroleum Deliveries

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