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Tuesday 25 July 2017

Steps have been taken to further strengthen the operational implementation of the States of Guernsey's Code of Practice for Access to Public Information.

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Channel Islands Cancer Report 2017
Monday 24 July 2017

The 2017 Channel Islands Cancer Registry Report (incorporating data up to 2014) has been released today.

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HSC Recruitment Open Day - 25 July 2017
Monday 24 July 2017

Have you ever wondered what a career in health and social care can bring?

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States Meeting on 7 June 2017 (Billet XI)

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The main items discussed at this meeting were: Regular Statements by Committee Presidents, Douzaine Representatives in the States of Election, Land for Light Industrial Use & Introduction of Certificates of Lawful Use


1. Election of a Member of the Ladies' College Board of Governors P. 2017/47


The Liquor Licence (Fees) Regulations, 2017
The Weights and Measures (Fees) Regulations, 2017

pdf icon A full list of Legislation to be laid on 7th June States Meeting can be accessed here [257kb]


2. Regular Statements by Committee Presidents, P.2017/44 - 5 AMENDMENTS LODGED - 6 RECORDED VOTES
3. Douzaine Representatives in the States of Election, P.2017/45
4. Implementation of International Sanctions Measures, P. 2017/38
5. Wire Transfer Legislation, P. 2017/42
6. A Regulatory Framework for Pension Schemes and their Providers, P. 2017/43 
7. The Island Development Plan - Land for Light Industrial Use, P. 2017/40 - 2 AMENDMENTS LODGED - 2 RECORDED VOTES
8. The Island Development Plan - Provision for a Café at Stan Brouard Group's Landes du Marche site through the introduction of Certificates of Lawful Use, P. 2017/41 - 1 RECORDED VOTE
9. Amendment to the Cutting of Hedges Ordinance, 1953, P. 2017/39
10. pdf icon Schedule for Future States' Business - P.2017/48 [320kb] - 2 AMENDMENTS LODGED
      pdf icon Amendment 1 - NOT LAID - Schedule for Future States' Business - Dep Trott & Dep Le Tocq [303kb]
      pdf icon Amendment 2 - Schedule for Future States Business - Dep Trott & Dep Brouard [304kb]


pdf icon Committee for Health and Social Care - Responsible Officer Report 2016 [535kb]


Billet XI - 7th June 2017 Billet D'Etat XI, 7th June 2017 - Combined PDF Schedule for Future States' Business - P.2017/48 Resolutions, Billet XI D'Etat, 7th June Resolutions, Billet XI D'Etat, 8th June

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