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Inter-island passenger only ferry services - full tender launched
Friday 15 December 2017

The governments of Guernsey and Jersey have today launched an open tender process to identify and select the operator of a new passenger-only ferry service between the islands.

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Last Chance to See Science Fiction Exhibitions at Candie
Thursday 14 December 2017

Guernsey Museum's science fiction exhibition 'Engage Warp Drive' will be closing on December 31st. New Year's Eve will also be the final day for 'Warp 2', featuring futuristic artworks by Chris Foss in the greenhouse gallery. Both have proved highly popular this autumn.

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Channel Islands Christmas Lottery First Prize Update
Wednesday 13 December 2017

The guaranteed first prize in this year's Channel Islands Christmas Lottery has now risen to £950,000.

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David Chamberlain, States Veterinary Officer responds to rat poison questions

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Tuesday 13 June 2017

David Chamberlain, States Veterinary Officer, said:

'I am looking into the circumstances whereby a dog appears to have consumed rat poison while in its owner's field. There is no evidence at this stage that the poison was left with the intention of harming the owner's dogs.

'One possible cause is that a seagull or similar large bird may have picked up the poison from the field at the east end of the airport runway and dropped it on a nearby field. The airport has been employing rat poison to deal with increasing numbers of voles, which attract birds. Increasing numbers of birds understandably cause concern for airport management because of the increased risk of a 'bird-strike' for an aeroplane when taking off or landing.

'The vole population expanded following the runway rehabilitation works.  Plans implemented at the time to modify the airport grassland environment to make it less attractive to voles and birds are advancing well, but this will clearly take time.  In the short term, in consultation and collaboration with animal welfare organisations, environmental groups and Guernsey Water, a local approved pest controller was appointed to assist with the control of the voles.  The 100g sachets of rat poison which were designed to be used in the open were at intervals pushed deeply into the 'thatch' of dead grass above the earth where the voles live. I can confirm that the rat poison used by the airport is the same as that which has been found in the neighbouring fields where it was consumed by the land owner's dogs.

'The possibility that birds have unearthed the rat poison sachets and flown off with them and deposited them outside the airport perimeter is only a hypothesis at this stage.  As a precaution the airport operations team are collecting all remaining sachets of rat poison from the airport grassland. I welcome this action until we can establish exactly was has occurred.

'If anyone who lives in the vicinity of the Airport finds a paper sachet labelled "Racumin Paste" and "Bayer" containing a stiff, putty like blue material on their land they should wear gloves to pick it up and put it in a container that is inaccessible to children and animals.  They should contact 'Chemical Disposal' on 234567 or email to arrange to have the rat poison collected and disposed of.' An image of the poison can be found on the downloads section on this page.


Image of rat poison/racumin paste

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