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If you are looking for billets, resolutions, amendments, sursis, questions raised, voting records, Hansards and anything else relating to States meetings, please Search for States Meeting information.

For the media release archive, you can search in the News area.

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  • Travel planning focuses on understanding peoples' travel habits and supporting changes to more sustainable alternatives. These alternatives could be to encourag...
  • Walking is a great way of helping to keep fit. The additional activity contributes towards a healthier more active lifestyle, helps to reduce pollution and traf...
  • Walking and cycling are great ways to contribute to an active lifestyle and come with the additional benefits of reducing motoring costs, pollution and traffic...
  • If you are new or have recently returned to the island, you and your family must register with Social Security. Paying contributions gives you and your family i...
  • Here you can find out more about HSC's Memory Clinic pathway. The clinic aims to thoroughly assess, diagnose, treat and offer support to individuals who have on...
  • The Willows is a specialist Day Centre based at La Nouvelle Maritaine. What does the centre provide? The centre provides therapeutic activities and personal car...
  • The Island Archives is open weekdays 9.30am - 4.30pm, by appointment. To book your visit please call the team on 01481 224512 or email The Isla...
  • GACs provide advice for those wishing to register and operate aircraft on the 2-REG. The documents are available for download at:  DCA Home Page - Director of C...
  • The GARs provide detailed regulatory material and acceptable means of compliance for registration and operation of aircraft on the 2-REG. The documents are avai...
  • Information for Contractors working on States Houses We rely on private contractors to carry out maintenance on our properties. For information about how to be...
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