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If you are looking for billets, resolutions, amendments, sursis, questions raised, voting records, Hansards and anything else relating to States meetings, please Search for States Meeting information.

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  • The Guernsey Vetting Bureau The Guernsey Vetting Bureau (GVB) is a Registered Umbrella Body which facilitates access to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)...
  • Unemployment benefit is a cash benefit paid to unemployed people who are looking for work with an employer. To receive unemployment benefit you must be unemploy...
  • Below is a Summary of the main features of a pension and how they relate to Taxation.   Contributions or premiums Members no longer need to request a certificat...
  • Paying Rent Do you pay your rent at the Post Office? If you do, with immediate effect, there are three alternative options; By telephone to Guernsey Post on 014...
  • Information about the Maintenance of States Houses As a landlord, we are responsible for maintaining the structure and the outside of your homes, any shared or...
  • Information on Rent Control Rent Control is a way of setting a fair rent for both the tenant and the landlord in the event of a dispute about the amount of rent...
  • Details of Guernsey's 'real time' air quality data can be found on this website .  The Office of Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation (OEHPR) deals wit...
  • The Office of Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation has the responsibility, under public health legislation, to determine whether domestic properties ar...
  • Thirteen of Guernsey's beaches are tested every year against standards conforming to the EU Bathing Water Quality Directive 2006. The Directive sets standards f...
  • In Guernsey it is illegal to smoke in most indoor places other than private homes (including restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, church halls, sports centres, sho...
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