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If you are looking for billets, resolutions, amendments, sursis, questions raised, voting records, Hansards and anything else relating to States meetings, please Search for States Meeting information.

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  • To protect our raw water supply and wider environment, not all herbicides are approved for use in Guernsey. Those still available and the alternatives to chemic...
  • This page is dedicated to those interested in volunteering to become a Wombler. On this page we will explain how you can register and what you need to do to dis...
  • States Members are able to pose written questions to Committees under Rule 14 of the Rules of Procedure. These are listed by year below and can be searched usin...
  • Artificial Insemination The artificial insemination of cattle can only be carried out by a licenced person. For more information on how to obtain a licence plea...
  • This page will explain the steps you need to take to register your child for school (Primary and Secondary) and also answer some questions which you may have on...
  • Term Dates for all schools until July 2025.
  • Find other Income Tax forms and associated guides, notes and helpsheets Income Tax Returns can be found on our Personal Tax Return s page.   Allowances and reli...
  • News - Tuesday 22 November 2022
  • Please be aware that this page and its links are slowly being replaced as we update information on the main Revenue Service page and...
  • A 'Certificate of Lawful Use' (CLU) is a certificate which deems the use of land lawful. A land owner can apply to the Development & Planning Authority for a Ce...
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