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Summer drink drive 'Deadly Cocktail' campaign

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Tuesday 31 July 2018

The 2018 Summer Drink Drive campaign launches tomorrow.


The 'Deadly cocktail' campaign focusses on the fact that it's easy to forget how many units are in just one drink.

During the first half of this year 49 people were charged with drink driving, with 12 of those connected to road traffic collisions. 32 of those charged were under the age of 30.

Andre Nightingale, Drug and Alcohol Strategy Co-ordinator commented:

'Cocktails seem to be the drink of choice this summer so the purpose of this year's campaign is to remind Islanders that they need to be aware that it's not always easy to tell how many units of alcohol are included in each cocktail. '

During the summer campaign, which will run for four weeks, police officers will carry out regular stop checks across the island. Both Randalls and the Liberation group continue to support these campaigns by using promotional posters in their establishments.

Guernsey Police Deputy Chief Office Nigel Taylor said the police's advice remains consistent - do not drink any alcohol if you want to be assured you are safe to drive.

'Alcohol affects everyone differently and many factors can determine its impact on an individual - ranging from whether they've eaten to how much sleep they've had. While the legal limit is 35 micrograms per 100ml of breath, or 80mgs per 100ml of blood, the facts are that you can only be sure you're not over the limit if you haven't had anything alcoholic to drink at all.'

TPA Guernsey has designed this year's campaign and Chief Executive Tony Tostevin said:

'The idea behind the "Deadly cocktail" campaign is simple yet clever that gets across the seriousness of mixing alcohol and driving and can be developed for future campaigns

'The message behind this campaign, along with our previous campaigns, is intended to make people think about their actions and the subsequent detrimental impact the ban will have on their home life and also close family and friends.'

Andrea concluded by saying:

"Having analysed the drink drive statistics so far in 2018, it is clear we really need to get the message across this year more than ever. Even if you have driven your vehicle into town or to the venue of choice please think about an alternative to get home. Please don't be tempted to drive and make yourself a danger to other people as well as yourself. The consequences can be devastating to you, your family, to loved ones and to your lifestyle. Think before you make that decision and let's reduce the amount of drink drivers on our roads right now"

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