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Late night bus service for West and North Shows

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Friday 03 August 2018

For the third year running, a multi-agency initiative between the Drug & Alcohol Strategy Co-ordinator, Summer Show organisers, Guernsey Police, States Traffic and Highways Services and CT Plus means that late night busses will be available from the West and North Shows.

The fare will be just £1 - regardless of age or destination.

Andrea Nightingale, the DAS coordinator, said

"We are delighted to offer all show goers a bus ticket for only £1 which is being funded jointly by the States Traffic and Highway Services and the Drug and Alcohol Strategy.

The buses have become more and more popular and when we looked at the passenger demographic we are attracting all ages. It can be an expensive evening, especially for families and we don't want the cost to be a barrier.

We want to assist in lowering the risk of anti- social behaviour and as part of our Summer Drink Driver Campaign provide a safe, cheap alternative if drivers are tempted to drive home under the influence."

Senior Passenger Transport Officer for Driver and Vehicle Licensing, Jonathan Guilbert said:

"For the last 2 years that additional buses have been provided for the shows, we have monitored not only passenger numbers but also public feedback. As a result, this year will see one of the routes for the West Show being revised so as to cater for residents living in St Andrews and one of the routes for the North show will be revised so as to cater for residents living at L'Eree and in St Andrews. We hope that these revisions together with the low fare of £1 will enable many to use these services"

CT Plus have confirmed the following routes

West Show

WS1 - Pleinmont, Torteval, Airport, St. Martin's, Town - 2100, 2130, 2200, 2230, 2300 & 2300

WS2 - Longfrie, Sous L'Eglise, Bas Courtils, St. Andrew's, Grange top, Town - 2115, 2215 & 2315

WS3 - Perelle, Vazon, Cobo, Grandes Rocques, Hougue du Pommier, L'Aumone, Rohais - 2145, 2245 & 2330

WS4 - Mont Saint, King's Mills, Saumarez Park, Camp du Roi, L'Islet, The Bridge, L'Ancresse - 2115, 2215 & 2315

North Show

NS1 - Rohais, Grange top, Town, Fermain, St. Martin's Village - 2115, 2215 & 2315

NS2 - Rohais, Collings Road, La Vrangue, Grand Bouet, Les Banques, Town - 2145, 2245 & 2330

NS3 - Landes du Marche, Camp du Roi, L'Islet, The Bridge, L'Ancresse - 2130, 2230 & 2330

NS4 - Cobo, Vazon, Perelle, L'Eree, Longfrie, Airport, Hougue Fouque, St. Andrews - 2100, 2200 & 2300

Mark Naftel, Planning and Event Resource Manager for Guernsey Police added:

'This initiative assists Police in a number of ways, firstly in getting potentially vulnerable young people safely home at the end of the summer shows, reducing the risk of young people engaging in anti-social behaviour whilst hanging around waiting for lifts. It also ties in with the summer drink drive campaign by offering those who enjoy a drink or two during show days a sensible and economical alternative means of transport home. '


West Show Poster West Show Map North Show Poster North Show Map

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