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Asian hornet update

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Wednesday 08 August 2018

This morning two further Asian hornet nests have been treated in St Peter's, both at ground level.

The first is a small nest located in a hedgehog house in close proximity to the nest treated high up a Sycamore tree on Thursday 26th July. The second is a larger nest located in brambles near a vinery, approximately 600m from the other two nests found in St Peter's.8

A further nest was also located in St Andrew's last week and this will be treated as soon as possible. This nest is located high up a tree and will take a little longer to treat due to the logistics of accessing the site.

This brings the total number of nests found this year to five.

Efforts to locate more nests will continue to be focused around St Andrew's, where Asian hornets have been feeding on the sap of an oak tree and been observed 'squabbling' with each other at this food source, therefore suggesting that they are not from the same colony. There have also been unconfirmed sightings in the Cobo area.

The public are encouraged to be vigilant and report any potential sightings. Please check your land and property including sheds and outhouses for nests; it is recommended that you check vegetation for signs of a nest before cutting or clearance work.

Most of the sightings reported last year were of native wildlife and the general public are encouraged not to kill the insects that they find. If a suspected hornet is sighted, the public should take a good quality close up photo if possible and email this to Please include with your sighting report the following information:-

Or alternatively, the sighting can be logged through the free iPhone and Android recording app: Asian Hornet Watch, or telephone 234567 with as much information as possible.

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