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Island Development Plan

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Requête - P.2019/41 (Deputy Merrett and 6 other Members)

pdf icon Letter of Comment - Policy & Resources Committee [2Mb]

pdf icon Amendment 1 - Deputy Dudley-Owen & Deputy de Sausmarez [312kb] - Carried
pdf icon Amendment 2 - Deputy Brouard & Deputy Le Tocq [482kb] - Carried
pdf icon Amendment 3 - Deputy Leadbeater & Deputy Paint [187kb] - Lost

The States are asked to decide:-

Whether, after consideration of the Requête titled "Island Development Plan" dated 21st May 2019, they are of the opinion:-

1. To agree that the States has the responsibility, and should have the opportunity, to direct policy adjustments to the IDP during this political term;

2. To direct the Development & Planning Authority, in consultation with the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure, the Policy & Resources Committee, and other relevant stakeholders, to carry out a review of the IDP, to be brought back to the States by April 2020, that includes recommendations on how to best address the concerns expressed in Recitals 4 to 17 to this Petition, with a specific view to:

   a. Giving greater consideration to the cumulative impact of separate developments, and the density of development in certain areas;

   b. Re-evaluating the need for Development Frameworks, and any associated thresholds;

   c. Reconsidering the approach to prioritisation of development on Housing Allocation Areas, in a manner that affords greater protection to greenfield sites designated as Housing Allocation Areas;

   d. Affording protection to areas of open land, not currently classified as Important Open Land, within the main centres, main centre outer areas and local centres;

   e. Affording greater protection to ABIs, giving particular consideration to whether any should be re-designated as SSS;

   f. Incorporating the findings of the Guernsey Housing Market Review and accompanying policy letter, and bringing forward the review of land supply for housing and employment; and

   g. Considering how the development of Community Plans can be stimulated and supported;

3. To direct the Policy & Resources Committee to coordinate a review of the role and function of the Development & Planning Authority, as described in Recital 18 to this Petition, to be brought to the States no later than April 2020, including the constraints placed on its political and democratically-accountable character as a result of planning legislation, planning policy and other law, and how these might best be resolved; and whether or not the planning legislation should be amended to give the Development & Planning Authority discretion to make more than minor departures from a development plan where other material planning considerations weigh in favour of such a departure;

4. To direct the Policy & Resources Committee, in consultation with the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure, the Development & Planning Authority and the States Assembly and Constitution Committee, and further to Recitals 5-7 to this Petition, to consider how to integrate reviews of the Strategic Land Use Plan into the Policy & Resource Plan process, in order to ensure alignment with States strategic objectives; to reconsider the cycle of reviews and updates associated with the SLUP and the IDP in order to enable meaningful debate within each States term; and to bring forward its recommendations in respect of timing no later than the final Policy & Resource Plan of this States term;

5. To direct the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure to bring a policy letter to the States, no later than April 2020, on third party representations in the Planning Tribunal process, as described in Recitals 19-20 to this Petition.

6. To direct the Policy & Resources Committee to consult with the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure, the Committee for Economic Development, the Committee for Employment & Social Security, the Committee for Health & Social Care, the Development & Planning Authority and the principal owner of the land within Leale's Yard, and to report back to the States with a policy letter on the regeneration of the Bridge area, as described in Recitals 10-11 to this Petition, no later than December 2019, containing recommendations to enable the progression of development, giving consideration to States involvement in the delivery of the development, if appropriate, including consideration of incentives and mechanisms to facilitate the development of the site and the funding of the same.

7. To direct the Policy & Resources Committee to find sufficient resources to enable the work set out in these Propositions to be achieved within the timescales directed;

8. To direct the preparation of such legislation as is necessary to give effect to their decisions.

The above Propositions have been submitted to Her Majesty's Procureur for advice on any legal or constitutional implications in accordance with Rule 4(1) of the Rules of Procedure of the States of Deliberation and their Committees.


Requete - Island Development Plan

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