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Hotpoint and Indesit washing machines urgent safety notice - Update

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Tuesday 14 January 2020

Before Christmas, Trading Standards warned of a safety recall affecting Hotpoint and Indesit washing machines manufactured between 2014 and 2018.

The danger that prompted this recall affects Guernsey residents and there is a real risk of affected machines causing a fire. This is a genuine risk and we urge all islanders to take appropriate action.

Below is a list of model numbers for affected machines, which you can check against the model number displayed on the rim of your washing machine door. Not all machines with these model numbers are affected and you will have to check your individual machine with Whirlpool, who owns Hotpoint and Indesit.

Whirlpool have set up a website and hotline 0800 316 1442 to allow people to check if their machines are affected and to register for the recall. When calling you should make sure you are able to see your machine since you will be asked questions to help identify whether it is affected by the recall, and you will need to supply contact details including a mobile telephone number and email address. Whirlpool are offering a repair or a like for like replacement, they are not currently offering refunds for affected machines.

Trading Standards are not in control of the recall, which is being run by Whirlpool, but we may be able to provide help if you are struggling to check and register your machine. We understand that Whirlpool will be emailing those already registered by Friday 17th January to arrange for a repair or replacement, but this will not be possible unless you have registered with Whirlpool.

Trading Standards Officer Daniel Guerin said:

"We urge all islanders to check their machines and to make sure that any vulnerable friends or relatives have also had their machines checked. Landlords should also ensure that their tenants' machines have been checked. We are aware that some affected machines have been used in commercial premises such as care homes and hotels and those responsible should ensure that these are also checked."

If your machine is affected then Whirlpool's advice is to unplug it and not use it, and also to tell anyone else who uses the machine not to switch it on again. Whirlpool have advised that the risk is greatly reduced if you wash only at 20°C or lower.

Trading Standards will continue to provide updates as we become aware of more information, but if you need any guidance please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 01481 234567 during office hours or by emailing

The model numbers affected are as follows:

FML 742P UKHotpoint
WMAOD 743G UKHotpoint
WMAOD 743P UKHotpoint
WMAQB 721P UK.MHotpoint
WMAQC 641P UK.MHotpoint
WMAQC 741G UKHotpoint
WMAQC 741P UKHotpoint
WMAQC 741P UK.MHotpoint
WMAQF 621G UKHotpoint
WMAQF 621P UKHotpoint
WMAQF 641 P UK.MHotpoint
WMAQF 721G UKHotpoint
WMAQF 721P UK.MHotpoint
WMAQL 621G UKHotpoint
WMBF 742G UKHotpoint
WMBF 742K UKHotpoint
WMBF 742P UKHotpoint
WMBF 742P UK.MHotpoint
WMBF 763P UKHotpoint
WMEF 722 BC UKHotpoint
WMEF 742 P UKHotpoint
WMEUF 722P UKHotpoint
WMEUF 743G UKHotpoint
WMEUF 743P UKHotpoint
WMFG 741P UKHotpoint
WMFG 741P UK.MHotpoint
WMFUG 742 P UK.MHotpoint
WMFUG 742G UKHotpoint
WMFUG 742P UKHotpoint
WMFUG 842P UK.MHotpoint
WMJLF 842P UKHotpoint
WMJLL 742P UKHotpoint
WMSAQG 621P UKHotpoint
WMXTF 742G UKHotpoint
WMXTF 742K UKHotpoint
WMXTF 742P UKHotpoint
WMXTF 742P UK.MHotpoint
WMXTF 842P UK.MHotpoint
WMYL 7151PS UKHotpoint
XWA 81252X K UKIndesit
XWA 81252X W UKIndesit
XWD 71452X K UKIndesit

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