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Guernsey Tourism - Ten Point Plan 2020-2025

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Wednesday 05 February 2020

The Committee for Economic Development has today published their Guernsey Tourism - Ten Point Plan 2020-2025.

The 36-page document includes a review of the current 'Guernsey Tourism Strategic Plan 2015-2025' produced by the Commerce and Employment board, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce Hospitality and Tourism sub-group, and published in 2015, and provides an update on progress achieved over the past five years against the strategic growth objectives and the five key strategic aims.

The 'Guernsey Tourism - Ten Point Plan 2020-2025' document sets out the ten priority action plans identified as the key areas of focus necessary over the next five years, for the Committee and its tourism trade and industry stakeholder partners to deliver against the five key strategic aims. Those key strategic aims are:

  1. Develop affordable, reliable and sustainable air and sea links
  2. Strengthen the islands' unique product offering
  3. Deliver an exceptional visitor experience
  4. Develop a positive environment for growth and investment
  5. Develop marketing and messaging that is consistent and compelling

Mike Hopkins, Director of Marketing and Tourism commented:

"A significant amount of progress has been achieved by the Committee and its industry partners over the past, at times, very challenging five years. Addressing and turning around over twenty years of consistent visitor decline was never going to be easy or achieved overnight, however over the past five years we have seen the excellent progress made help deliver the early signs of visitor growth, especially for the high value staying leisure visitor market.

To help continue that trend our collective attention needs to be given to the ten priority areas that will help make the greatest impact over the next five years, and this document sets out those ten plans in a concise and straightforward manner."

Deputy Joe Mooney, Tourism lead for the Committee for Economic Development added:

"To help determine the future shape of, and the growth potential for the visitor market it is essential that the question over the possible extension of the airport runway is answered. One of the priority action plans detailed in the ten-point plan is to complete and confirm the business case for the extension of the runway, and I am pleased to say that this work is now taking place, and the Committee will continue to work closely with the Chamber of Commerce and with our trade and industry partners to deliver the other important nine action plans also."

The Guernsey Tourism - Ten Point Plan 2020-2025 document is available to download from the States of Guernsey website at

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